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  1. Much character. Very action. So plot
    How collage. Wow. Much like.
  2. Go to your alerts and then hit 'alert preferences'. The group options are at the bottom of that page.
  3. Where we post our Character Sheets.
  4. Fixed that for ya

  5. *feels left out since he is blue*
  6. Ha! It's not nearly as Neko-ish without the Miko!
  7. Now I just wonder when Mizdogg and friends will show up..
  8. *digs around for some cat nip*
  9. Should we re-alert them to our presence?
  11. ..maaaybe. 'tis rather peaceful now.
  12. I assume you are going to copy all the text over?
  13. fine for that guy over there
  14. being grumpy is also banned
  15. To play games with friends.....

    or do accounting homework

  17. It' s just so nice, chat had to post it twice. :/

    And then delete it... thanks @Atomyk
  18. ... Why do I even try?
  19. Like I said before, @LuckycoolHawk9 offered to RP with you in there.
  20. you don't act very sorry about what you say and do so


    actions speak louder than words, so please do keep that in consideration
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.