Neko Cult

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Neko Archy

Original poster
Yes! for all the cat peoples.

..and mostly random spam.
*gives inky some fish to eat instead*

This thread is too high in sweetness for human consumption.
*purrs and takes the snack, her ears flick back and forth*
hello all..o.o NOW!! I come to join in early. xDD *nibbles on cat food*
Ha! It's not nearly as Neko-ish without the Miko!
Now I just wonder when Mizdogg and friends will show up..
Should we re-alert them to our presence?
*yawns and flexes toes soft pink pads with tiny specks of gray wiggle*
Awwwwww, ADORABLE!
*Resumes playing Marvel vs. Capcom 2*
Felicia, Morrigan, and B.B. Hood are the best....
*Huggles Miru*
*Hugs Inky too*

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