Neko boy(could be swayed to girl)

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  1. Abused neko male(you) is purchased by the father o my character as a birthday present. There will be abuse but also tender love. How I am thinking of doing this is my character( dont care m or f) is loving but they have an older brother who is interested in the little neko , the sotry thus unfolds
  2. may I? I love this sort of plot!
  3. For sure you may! Would you like to start or shall I?
  4. you please? I need a moment to find a good picture for my little kitty >3
  5. lol Sure, I have to start two right now tho so gimme a sec
  6. Kay ^^
    by the way, do you care how whimpy the neko looks?
  7. Howdy Time for some fun! Are you just looking for a fun romp in the hay or something with a little bit more story?
  8. I would like a bit more story but fun romps are welcome.
  9. SOunds fun OK so Could I get a quick character sheet from you? I'd Like to have an Idea for who I'll be working with.
  10. Lol Okay gimme a min
  11. [​IMG]
    Shy timid finicky and clumsy
    backround in story

    very brief lol but gives you a feel
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.