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  1. They are there. they are noisy. They make me want to scream. Why? Because at the very early stages of the morning, or late at night they decide to wail like a cat in heat, play their trashy music so loudly that it shakes my floor, stomp their feet like they are stomping on some poor creature that couldn't escape in time and puke on the ground in front of my apartment.

    Right now my neighbor sounds like she just might be fucking the wall.

    What are your neighbors like?

    P.S Have noisy neighbors? Can't get management to get them to shut the fuck up? Play this:
  2. 3 years ago, I lived in a duplex. The other half of my duplex was fine, but my neighboring buildings would ALWAYS argue and scream at eachother. Every single day, without fail, there'd be a screaming match. It was a gated community that was popular with military (but a civilian complex). A lot of military couples/families lived there, and it was like the poster child for "all the people that should not be married." It was awful.

    I remember one particular screaming match because it was just so off-the-wall. The wife was screaming at her husband for daring to buy food from a truck in china town. Saying it wasn't FDA-approved (this was a huge deal to her, apparently) and that trying to feed the food to the kids was killing them. "are you trying to kill our kids?! It's not FDA approved!!" I felt so bad for the husband. The argument was at least 10 minutes long and I never once heard the husband scream back. That was on our left side. The couple on our right side screamed at eachother equally. A family on the other side of the cul-de-sac got up every morning at 5 or 6 and there would ALWAYS be one kid that wandered off or something and every morning they'd scream that kid's name.

    I remember one day one mom calling out "[name], Chris 1, Chris 2, [some other name], get over here!!" Px

    Finally the family on our right side moved out, but the one that replaced them was almost as bad. They had a dog that would not stop barking at all hours. I and several other people put in complaints about it, because the dog would literally bark for 10 hours straight. This was the thing that started that couple screaming at eachother, arguing about who complained about what and who had to stay and watch the dog because of this or that. Oh and then they never picked up after their dog and it loved to poop in our yard so I was accidentally stepping in dog shit.

    We moved out of that place shortly after the dog couple came in, thank god.

    The next place was in a town home with much quieter people. We had a corner unit and the people we shared a wall with were amazing!! We hung out all the time. But the people who shared my neighbor's wall were pretty bad. There was a woman that lived in there that would vomit every morning, and it was so loud I thought it was coming from my neighbor (when really it was the 2nd one over).

    I live in a low-rise apartment building now, and I don't know my direct neighbors. They make no noise though so it's awesome. The people above me can be noisy at times but it's nowhere near as bad as it could be so it's easily forgiveable. I've made friends with some people on my floor, but they're like 3 doors down in either direction.
    The only thing [about people] I hate about my current complex is that some people smell. I'm on the 5th floor, but my apartment is right over the entrance of the building. Some people put on SO MUCH perfume or cologne that it floods my apartment. It's fucking awful. I can also smell whenever anyone smokes weed (which is frequently), whenever anyone cooks anything decent, and sometimes, I don't know where it comes from, but the whole hall is flooded with this SUFFOCATING wet dog smell.

    The complex doesn't allow us to use the stairs (unless it's for an actual fire), so I'm forced to use the elevator. And frequently, these smells all get trapped in the elevator too. Especially alcohol. Oh and sometimes people let their dogs piss or poop in the elevator and they don't clean up after it. But that's not as often as the smells.

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  3. I had the neighbors from hell before we moved out of Maryland. Their kids were little bullying assholes, the fathers were loudmouths, and the wives were all stupid twits who barely passed eighth grade. Between their threats of shooting my husband, calling my daughters bitches and whore, and my son a faggot, and out right assaulting one of my kids, I despised those people. Ignoring them never worked. I'd have to spend literally every minute inside my house to do that, and even then that didn't work because they'd sit right outside my house and blare music. Protection orders didn't work, because they constantly broke them. The only thing that worked was getting the hell out of that shitty neighborhood and moving to a completely different state.
  4. In 22 years of living in this house we had one case of a neighbours dog barking so loud that I couldn't sleep. And note when I say one case I don't mean "One bad neighbour" I mean "One singular night". My neighbourhood's always been pretty good in that regard.

    Though there was this other case when I was around 3 years old. These neighbours had a dog who they often left home alone, and this dog was a free wanderer where she'd be left outside the house in the neighbourhood instead of inside. This dog ended up visiting our place almost daily as a result, reaching the point we were basically spending as much time with her as her actual owners did. Eventually said neighbours were getting ready to move out, the dog didn't like this was starting to tear up their furniture and just show general signs of being depressed. So we ended up adopting the dog.

    So yea, one isolated noise incident and a free (and insanely well behaved, different thread though) dog?
    I'm willing to say we basically struck gold.


    Should be noted there was also the usual "Kids in the neighbourhood hangout and play" deal going on. There was a core 4 of us who tended to do stuff like climbing tree's, gaming or hockey on the street. One of them I've lost track of completely, another one become immersed is the really fancy and well pressed business world, and the last one is currently in the Army.
  5. After moving to town I had neighbors who had twins my age and we played everyday. That lasted maybe 2 years then they moved and a new set of neighbors came. I liked them too. They were nice and kept to themselves and had two well-behaved dogs who only barked when playing in the yard. The best kind. Then they moved out, I think the wife passed away?

    Next I got my first taste of the annoying kind. They were completely nosy and used our driveway as if it was there's. They called the cops on my friend's parent because they were idling in our driveway and it was "suspicious". They even had the gall to put gravel by their house to connect it with our driveway. There's a reason they have a garage and we do not. It annoys me to no end. The landlord has never tried to help us enforce this btw. Luckily they only stuck around for a couple years. They have since moved. It involved police, that's all I know.

    The current ones are okay. They sometimes take up too much space in the now forcibly shared driveway, but we get even with that in the winter time. We have the only snowblower so we scoop up our end and leave theirs. If they really want that extra space, they can dig it out themselves, like we do. Other than that, they stay in their own business and don't make a ton of noise.

    Next door to them is a landscaper. He has a beautiful garden and even put in a pool. I don't really have many stories about him other than he loves the outdoors and his 3 lovable dogs. On occasion the dogs will wonder to our end of the strip, but it doesn't take a lot to shoo them back home.
  6. The people over the fence from us are chain smoking hipsters. On hot nights we can't even have our bedroom window open. We've talked to them a few times, but they're incredibly douchy and don't seem to get it. I don't mind the smell of cigs -that- much like in public of whatever, but I's annoying as hell when your chillin' in your house and have to smell someone's cigarettes.

    'sides that we have killer neighbors that are quite and chill as hell.
  7. I may not be your neighbor, but I'm the style of neighbor you are describing.

    And I'm not at all apologetic. See, if you talk to me (hypothetically, I seriously doubt I'm your neighbor who is currently female and having sex with a wall. I'm also pretty sure I'm far more understanding), I will a) tone it the frack down, or b) take it elsewhere.
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