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  1. PLOT:
    - Smut>Plot
    - We've lived next door to each other for years now, but have never said a word before. Our parents have developed a friendship, however, and are going on a week-long cruise. They all agreed that it would be a good idea to leave us alone by ourselves at our houses, since we're right next door and can come check up on each other. Our parents have been gone for two days, and my character gets scared one night. She shows up on your doorstep, asking if she could crash at your place till the morning.

    - Bondage
    - Tickling
    - Teasing
    - Nibbling
    - Restraining
    - Spanking
    - Wedgies


    My Character:



    Avery Danielle Morgan

    14, will be 15 in a month

    Avery is a sweet and innocent young girl. She's very gentle, and her feelings get hurt very easily. Because of her age, Ava is extremely naive, and therefore very easy to manipulate. She has a very big heart, and likes to help others in need. When she's under pressure, Avery tends to shut herself out and remain silent until she feels comfortable again. She's never had a single sexual thought, and is a virgin in every way. She's slightly insecure with herself,

    ~ Has a tuxedo cat named Clyde ~
    Likes to draw ~
    A-Cup breasts ~
    Goes nuts for romance movies ~
    Hasn't ever been in a relationship ~
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  2. images2.jpg
    James Lee Harvey

    James can rub people the wrong way with his usual quiet and cold demeanor and occasional attitudes he gets. He's also a little bit cynical about certain things. He's usually just used to being left alone by many others, and isn't really the sociable type. There is a soft side to him though that he can show, but it's something rare for him. If it does happen it's usually when James is alone so no one else sees him.

    Enjoys reading
    Secretly likes cats
    Has a bit of a sadistic side to him
  3. Image:[​IMG]
    Avery Danielle MorganThe weather was warm, the sky cloudless. There was nothing particularly spooky about the night. Still, Avery Morgan sat bundled up in her bed, her bedroom lights on. She'd been sitting there for a half hour now, listening to every noise in the house, her imagination turning them into a serial killer stalking towards her door. Creak.... Creeak... Creeek...


    Ava jumped and screamed as her tuxedo cat, Clyde, came running in from the dark hallway. A short laugh quickly found her when she realized how silly she was being. "You scared me Clyde," Avery said quietly, reaching out to pet him behind the ears. "I don't think I can stay here tonight," she said, green eyes shifting back towards the door.

    A quick glance at her cellphone told Ava that her friend was no longer awake. "But, I don't think Britt is going to come get me either..." If Avery decided that she couldn't handle being alone while they were gone, her parents gave her two options: Got to Brittany's house, or next door to Harvey residence until Britt could come get her. "I've only ever seen James once or twice," Ava told Clyde, as if the feline cared, "I'm not sure how he'll react to me showing up at..." She checked the clock and sighed, "Ten till midnight."

    She almost decided to stay there, tough it out for the night, but then there was another creak in house and the young girl knew she couldn't do it. She grabbed her bag- which had originally been packed for Brittany's house- and then headed out of the door as stealthy and quiet as possible. Wouldn't want to alert the imaginary murderer in her house to her escape.

    Once she reached the Harvey's house, Ava rang the doorbell, turning to look over her shoulder. Her pink hair was drawn back into two ponytails- as usual- with the exception of her bangs. She wore her favorite black see-through pajamas, with hearts scattered all over it.
    Because Avery had been alone, she only wore underwear- bright pink boy shorts- underneath her see-through pajama's, not even thinking to have put on something to cover her small breast. She also wore her favorite slippers.

    Avery waited outside patiently, listening for any movement inside the house. I hope he's home...
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  4. Unlike his neighbor, James was enjoying himself in the empty house. He was used to being left home alone anyway so this wasn't any different than normal. He was up in his room at his desk doing homework, which wasn't too hard but was still keeping him up pretty late. He always took his time anyway doing homework to make sure it's done correctly. Once James was done, he looked at the clock which showed that it was 30 minutes pass eleven o'clock.

    Well, time to go to bed.

    So James cleared off his desk and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth. Once done he took off the shirt he was wearing and short, which left him in his undershirt and boxers before climbing into bed. Slowly he was beginning to doze off, until hearing the doorbell that abruptly ended his peaceful night. Crankily, he looked at the clock that showed it was almost now midnight. "For the love of god, who the hell is it at this time of night?!"

    He was about to ignore it and go back to sleep, before remembering that it might be his neighbor next door outside. James never really interacted with her to know her that well, but his parents still insisted that they should check up on each other while they were out on their vacation. She really wouldn't be bothering me at this time of the night now would she?

    James decided to get out of bed and check, he didn't even bother to put on any extra clothes since he was really annoyed right now. He went down the stairs and to the front door looking through the small window near the door. Sure enough, his next-door-neighbor was right there outside in the night. She had a suitcase too, which made him realize what she was probably here for. You've gotta be kidding me. James opened up the door before glaring at her," Is there a reason you're outside my house at midnight?"
  5. Image:[​IMG]
    Avery Danielle Morgan

    "Is there a reason you're outside my house at midnight?"

    There had been no warning to the door being answered; not the sound of the door being unlocked, no shuffling on the other side. Which is why Avery jumped when the door was suddenly flung open, and she was being yelled at. Instantly, her heart began to pound in her chest, cheeks turning a bright shade of pink to match her hair. "I- I'm sorry," she stuttered out, eyes wide with shock.

    Ava's parents had told her James wouldn't mind her coming over if she needed something, but they were wrong. I must have woke him, she thought, but as her eyes swept over his features she realized that he didn't look like he had been asleep at all. But, his lack of real clothing told her that he may have just been going to bed, hence his annoyance with her.

    "I got scared," she continued, her voice very small. She looked down unable to deal with his anger towards her. "And my mom told that... if I got scared.... I could stay the night here." She bit her lowerlip, flashing her green eyes up at him. "I promise not to be much trouble... and my friend can come pick me up in the morning..."
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  6. James let out another sigh. He couldn't believe that she was scared to be sleeping inside her own house at night by herself. From what James knew, they were both around the same age, however Avery seemed to be acting like a child asking to sleep with their parents during the night. He could just turn her down and go right back to bed, but it seemed like that she wouldn't be too much of a bother to him at all like she said.

    "Fine... you can come inside." James said standing to the side to allow Avery to come inside the house. "There's a guest bedroom you can sleep in."
  7. Image:[​IMG]
    Avery Danielle Morgan

    To Avery's great suprise, Jame's agreed. She watched as he stepped aside to allow her in, and she stepped through with a thankful smile forming on her lips. "Thank you so much," she said, moving her ponytails to behind her shoulders. She adjusted the strap on the bag she had brought, making it so she could sling it on her shoulder.

    Then, the fourteen year old girl turned to look up at the boy before her. "I'm sorry for bothering you," she apologized again, her eyes sweeping around the house briefly. It looked her a lot like her own, though she could tell the set up was slightly different already. "Nice place, by the way," she said. In the silence she could her the slight hum of the air conditioner going, causing a shiver to run down her spine. Ava hadn't noticed, but her nipples grew hard and pushed against the thin transparent fabric of her pajama's. A bit chilly, though, she added silently.

    Avery looked up at James- who was a great deal taller than her- expectantly. She kicked off her shoes by the door, noticing a small pile of them there, and then waited patiently for him to lead the way to the guest room. She realized that, although he was being nicer now than when he had opened the door, he still seemed very annoyed with her. Can't blame him for that, she thought, I'd be annoyed too.
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  8. James closed the front door once Avery entered inside his house. He then made sure that the door was locked before turning to face Avery, who then apologized for again disturbing him this late at night. "Don't worry about it," He simply answered. James didn't comment on the compliment of his place. It seemed like it was just small-talk coming from her, though she was proving to be observant as James noticed that she was taking a short glance around the place. Once Avery took off her shoes, James motioned Avery to follow him to the guest room.

    "This way," He simply said before taking her up a flight of stairs and down the hall towards the guest room. It was right across from his own bedroom actually. James opened the door before flicking on the light, which showed the fairly large sized guest room with a bed, nightstand, dresser, and a closet. "Here's the guest room, bathroom is down the hall to your left if you need to use it."

    With the light on, James could actually now notice that Avery's pajamas were in fact see-through. It seemed that the concept of wearing a bra under it was foreign to her though as James got a good look at her small breasts, even noticing the fact that her nipples were hard. The pink boy-shorts was something that he wasn't a fan of though.

    "So do you usually go walking around without a bra on?"
  9. Image:[​IMG]
    Avery Danielle Morgan

    With a slight skip to her step, Avery followed James up the stairs and to the bedroom. Along the way, she observed many photographs of James and his family, as well as some people she didn't recognize. Probably extended family or friends. When they reached the guest room Avery placed her bag down by the door, green eyes sweeping around. This is nice.

    "Hmmm?" Avery looked up to James, taking a moment to process his question. When she did she looked down at herself, eyes widening. "Oh!" Her arms quickly crossed over her chest, cheeks turning red once again. "Uh," she starting, feeling more embarrassed than she could remember feeling before, "No, no, not usually. I mean, not when I go out in public, but when I'm home alone I don't... they're just so uncomfortable."

    So far, this night was turning out to be an utter disaster, one mistake after another. As discretely as she could, Ava looked down again to make sure she at least has some underwear on, letting out a sigh of relief when she saw her bright pink boy shorts. Thank god. She looked back up to James, smiling apologetically. "I'm sorry," she said, "I'll, uh, put on a loose t-shirt." She turned around quickly, bending over to look through her bag. Please have brought a t-shirt... please...
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  10. For once, a small smile came across James face as he chuckled at her embarrassment. There was something of her mannerisms while she was embarrassed he found a bit attractive of her. He figured that there could be some entertainment to get out of her to make up for the fact that she's interrupting his peaceful alone time. "Don't worry about it. Though if you wanted to come over for seducing me, you should have a better taste in underwear before doing so."
  11. Image:[​IMG]
    Avery Danielle Morgan

    Avery's hands froze, her mind going blank for a moment. Then, she looked over her shoulder at him, biting her lower lip. "My... my underwear?" She asked, looking down at her lower half again. "What's wrong with my underwear?" She had thought the boy-shorts were really cute, even if they were just plain pink. They were actually one of her favorite pairs.

    She shook her head, acknowledging the other part of his statement then. "A-and I didn't come over to seduce you," she said, her voice taking on a slightly defensive tone. Her body was heating up entirely due to her immense embarrassment, which was actually good because her nipples went soft again, and she was much warmer. Still, she'd rather be warmer because of a blanket rather than complete mortification.
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  12. "Personally I'm not a fan of boyshorts. I'm more of a normal panties guy, especially laced. Or thongs, you could wear those too." James answered bluntly on the subject of her underwear. James could tell that he was really getting to her, with how redden her face was and her tone starting to become defensive. Honestly he was enjoying having this little fun with her. "I dunno, coming next door to a boy's house while he's alone in see-through pajamas says otherwise. Why see-through pajamas to begin with?"
  13. Image:[​IMG]
    Avery Danielle Morgan

    Avery's eyebrows connected, and she stood up to face him, momentarily forgetting that she was looking for something to cover up her chest. "Boyshorts a way cuter than normal underwear," She said defensively, looking up at him. "Maybe not cuter than thongs, but no one wears a thong to bed. Not unless they wants a wedgie." Ava only owned one thong anyways, and her parent's didn't even know about it. If they did they'd probably throw it away because her father would decide 'she's to young to be wearing one of those.'

    The young girl took a deep breath then, calming her nerves. There's no reason to get this worked up, she told herself silently. Once she was sure she could talk to him without the defensive tone, Avery leaned forward slighty, and said in a much calmer voice, "I was scared and forgot what pajama's I was wearing, I'm sorry. And, Bridget and I bought them together, to have matching pajama's... we didn't realize they were see through until we got home." It was the honest answer, which was why Avery only wore them when she was alone or when she was with Bridget.
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  14. James noticed that he seemed to have struck a nerve with the comment on her choice of underwear. Her defensive tone didn't really rattle him, it just kept James smiling some more. For some reason hearing her get defensive was appealing to James. "Alright then, whatever floats your boat is cool with me. Though you sound like you speak from experience from sleeping in thongs at night. Does this mean you do have some?" He had a smirk on his face while imagining what kind of thongs Avery would wear.

    When Avery explained how she got the pajamas, James just shrugged. It was kinda a boring answer to get about them. One thing he noticed that she seemed to be doing a lot while she was talking though was apologizing. Honestly it was starting to get on his nerves after a while of hearing it. "You apologize too much you know that?" James said bluntly.
  15. Image:[​IMG]
    Avery Danielle Morgan

    It was very quickly dawning on Avery that James had no shame at all. He was very blunt and straight forward, which was something she could appreciate. It was better than him being fake with her, after all. Ava decided to ignore his comment on her apologizing too much, but did make a mental note not to do so again. "Of course I own a thong," She replied, almost rolling her eyes. "Doesn't every teenage girl?"

    She then turned back around, looking through her bag again. After a few seconds she sighed in defeat, Damn... Slowly, Avery looked over her shoulder at the older boy, meeting his gaze hesitantly. "It looks like I forgot a spare shirt," she told him, severely annoyed with herself. How could she forget to pack a shirt? Must of slipped her mind because she was too worried about potentially being murdered. "Do you think you could lend me one, please?"
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  16. Hmm, so she can get a bit smart if you push her hard enough.

    James was almost going to just not care about Avery's shirt dilemma and tell her just to stay topless while she's here, but another thought of messing with her some more crossed his mind. "Alright I'll give you a shirt that you can use, though to be honest you could just stay topless like you are while you're here. I don't mind." James then took off the shirt that he was currently wearing, which left him in only his boxer's left, and tossed the shirt over to Avery.

    "There you go. It's probably going to be a little bit big on you since you're pretty small."
  17. Image:[​IMG]
    Avery Danielle Morgan

    Since Avery hadn't expected him to give her the shirt he was currently wearing, she jumped slightly when he threw it at her, just barely catching it. Trying to discrete, her green eyes ran up and down Jame's body quickly. She wouldn't lie, he was nice looking. Hoping she hadn't gotten caught she quickly looked back up at his own eyes, her features twisting in confusion. He doesn't mind if I stay shirtless? She asked herself. Is he trying to flirt with me?... No, of course not. I'm so flat I might as well be a boy. That's probably what it is.

    She lifted up the shirt, unraveling it and holding it out before her. He was right, it was going to be huge on her. Like a dress. She noticed some wet marks where his arm pits would be, her confused features turning into disgust. Well, I certainly can't wear this one, she decided, looking back up at him again. "Uh, this one is dirty," she said, "Do you think I could borrow a clean one instead?"
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  18. "Sure, I'll get you another shirt," James answered before heading back to his room and coming back with another t-shirt that hadn't been worn yet. He then tossed that shirt over to Avery for her to wear. "Here's a clean one," James said being a bit oddly cooperative at the moment. James then thought of some more things to ask Avery that would probably embarrass her a bit more,"So you like what you see? I'm pretty sure I'm the only guy you've seen practically naked in this type of situation. Then again you're about the second girl's breasts I've seen, though not as small..."
  19. Image:[​IMG]
    Avery Danielle Morgan

    The teenage girl found it very surprising that he actually went to go get her a clean shirt. She had half expected him to tell her it was either the dirty one, or she could just go shirtless. If he had done that she would have probably just gone shirtless... wasn't like she'd be hiding something he hadn't already gotten a good look at, anyways. Still, she was grateful when he came back, tossing her another one of his shirts. She began to pull it on, but didn't even get it over her head before he said something else to embarrass her.

    Instantly, Avery's cheeks turned a nice shade of red. So, he had caught me. She swallowed hard, feeling especially small when he mentioned the size of her chest. "I'm only fourteen," she said, her voice small yet slightly defensive again. "I've still got time to grow." If there was one thing Ava was insecure about, it was the size of her bust. It was just a touchy subject for her. Her eyes fell to the ground, avoiding his gaze now.
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  20. "Seems that I've hit another touchy subject for you," James said once Avery stopped looking at him and instead the ground. He could very easily tell how insecure Avery seemed to be by just their interactions with each other. That was something else that bugged him about her. James wasn't very sure himself why he was having such a fascination with someone he's only spent less than an hour with, but for some reason he was finding her more and more attractive as they talked. There were a few minor things here and there that he didn't care about, but those were rather minor annoyances.

    James could tell there was also a bit of a lustful feeling towards Avery running through his mind. Granted with how they were both dressed, it wasn't that surprising to have such thoughts running across his mind.

    "If it means anything, I could care less that your breasts are still small. You're still a rather attractive looking young girl in my eyes, though you could use a confidence boost." James told Avery while giving her a pat on the head.
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