Neighbors from H E L L

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Have YOU had really bad neighbors before? The ones that make it hard to have faith in humanity? The ones that make drunk, ex-con in-laws look GOOD>?

When I lived in the super ghetto (now I just live in the regular ghetto) I had some pretty bad neighbors. We lived in a small complex that sat back from the street, so we had our own little Court type of thing, with very narrow strips of lawn between our respective units. Anyways, My neighbors used to pile up their trash (instead of taking it down 10 FEET TO THE CURB). One day I got up to make coffee and I opened the blinds and there were black trash bags piled up to the top of the was the worst. They would also constantly fight and break the furniture. Where I live now is a lot better, but these people living next to me right now (As anyone who has talked to me over Skype or on the phone can tell you) Have Dogs that bark, and bark, and bark.....all they do is bark, constantly. Its so bad that I have to open my window and yell at them to shut up, I am actually thinking of calling animal control.

TELL ME About YOUR Neighbors from HELL!
Believe it or not, but I've never had bad neighbours. The house I live in now, all the neighbours are awesome. If I haven't had a chance to shovel the driveway for a day? One of them comes over with a snowblower. Hate mowing the lawn? No problem. My other neighbour has kids that will mow their lawn and my lawn, in exchange for me mowing my lawn and their lawn next time. Cuts down on the number of times I have to mow. On garbage day, the first person to take their garbage can and recycling bin to the curb usually moves the other persons garbage can and recycling bin to the curb too (this is with my neighbour whose garbage cans are right beside mine).

I'm quite surprised at how awesome my block is. Leave the garage door open for a couple of days, or your door unlocked? No problem, nothing will go missing. Always a hello when grabbing the mail, etc etc.
We had a woman and her retarded daughter living next to us. We dogsat for them for about a month, but that was the only time I ever cared to go in that home. That lady is insane and she was so mean to her daughter; that poor girl was isolated enough because she was different from normal kids. We'd see police cars show up randomly at her house, she'd bang on front doors to scream at people and she'd always be walking her dogs with a glare in her eyes. My mom was kind to these neighbours but after a while, we got sick of her showing up at our house. So my mom told her to GTFO and oh man, that caused some drama. The woman promised revenge on our Mom. xD And she'd always give me the finger when she'd see me checking the mail. Guh and we'd always hear her yelling at her daughter. After a while, her daughter was taken away to live with a better family, I think...
I wont talk about living in the ghetto! t___t;

While living HERE, we've never had bad neighbors up until the past couple weeks. c__c All of our cool neighbors moved out of the building, and now we have these new people that are AWFUL. The people upstairs stomp around ALL DAY AND NIGHT like they're herding around buffulo or something. x____X Now some jackass keeps parking in OUR parking spot... And then the people next to us had the cops called on them five times in two weeks. >:[ The last time I walked outside to go pickup Tabby, and there was one cop hiding behind my van and another hiding around the corner. And they flagged me over to see if I heard anything next door and then proceeded to pull out guns to go knock on the door. c__c And those people keeping borrowing our phone and their peeps keep calling OUR number asking for them. Really damn rude.

Luckily they're getting evicted now, and WE'RE moving out by the end of the year. D:< this shizzle is ridiculous.
Back when i had a golden labrador named woody, and i was a kid i used to like our neighbor matt. he was a cool dude.

then he threw a brick at my dog. the fuckstick.4

dad nearly flattened the fucker for it, and woddy, before he ran away spent a good 6 months shitting only in matt's shed.

i miss that glorious blonde furred bastard.

Oddly enough, every neighbor I've ever had has been some sort of kind Jesus-freaky kind of person. Only, it made life worse because from about 12 on I was a stone-cold athiest. Still am.
Where I currently live - is not in the Ghetto and I used to live in Phoenix in a really bad area where my first morning there I was making coffee at 6 a.m. and some guy knocked on my window and asked if I had any crack - are BAD f'in neighors.

So - we'll start with the fact the guy is up all random hours and likes to play with his volume control on his tv. Like during action scenes he'll pump it up loud at 2 am and than when people are just talking he'll turn it down real quiet just to - you know - disrupt my f'in sleep. But, that's not even as bad as what's next.

We had a room mate, who was a friend of mine, who I got a job who got himself fired from that job. Than chose to lay around and not even look for work for the next two months - so I had to kick him out. Gave him 45 days, and after 45 days he hadn't even bothered to try and find someplace to go or do anything. So he walks out leaves all his crap. Next day he comes back neighor said he could store his stuff in the garage. Mind you - we live in a triplex right now with a shared garage. Didn't care so much even helped him move some stuff out to the neighors side. Couple weeks go by and I realise there are beer cans and cigarette butts in my garage so I ask the neighor wtf - and he non chalantly tells me he said it was alright that said room mate stays in the garage. I of course tell him I'm not okay with this and since he is an old disabled man I don't want to get him kicked out by bringing this up to the room mate.

So I lock my private storage in the garage because there were cigarette butts and beer cans in there and I had moved some stuff out there. Week later - somebody tries to break into said private storage area. I inform the neighor who tells me room mate will not be staying out there anymore. Two weeks later - guys out there again sleeping my new couch, spilling beer on it and the such. So, I move couch cushions into my private storage area and tell the neighor I don't want him touching my crap when he stops by to get into his stuff or what now and I sure as hell don't want him sleeping on my couch.

Week later, neighor tells wife ( he doesn't tell me for a few days ) that ex room mate is sick and he brought him out cushions so he can sleep on our couch.

I found out, I tell him enough is enough. Now - ex room mate is now living with said neighor which is much better than living in my garage but still. Who the hell does that!?
We had a bunch of frat boys that always had naked hot tub parties. If you could avoid eye contact of the nekkid dudes, the bimbos were decent looking at least. :cow:
I hate my neighbors. I hate them. I FUCKING HATE THEM. Save for two or three houses on my block, this neighborhood sucks DICK.

I know I'm not the nicest person in the world, but it has to mean something when I say, if all of them died, I wouldn't be phased or care. I'm not wishing them death, but if they ceased to exist, ehhhhh.

So the neighbors on the right of my house are.... well... rednecks. I hate them. I hate the father, Mark, the wife, Sheryl, Their two daughters Alex and Morgan, and their THREE GOLDEN RETRIEVERS. THREE UNTRAINED, HUGE DOGS THAT ARE USUALLY SET LOOSE WITHOUT LEASHES ON THE ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD. I love their cat. He's an asshole but he's kinda sweet at the same time.

Either way, back to story:

So these..... ugh... I don't even know what to call them, I hate them so much. So they've got these dogs, who they let out all the time. (Boomer IV, Sooner IV, and Frenchie II, yes they name their dogs the SAME DAMNED THING) They also own a huge Hummer, that is ALWAYS tricked out and has VERY expensive items in it, and they're always SO surprised and outraged when someone breaks into their car. Because of them, our entire neighborhood has to pay for a security patrol that WE DON'T NEED, JUST THOSE FUCKERS. They've had their car jacked like... five or six times. Because of them, people come to our neighborhood for THEIR hummer and if they see anything else, they break into that too.

So we've got that patrol still going on, but now, lo and behold, they couldn't take the pressure. Instead of just putting their hummer in the garage, or taking the eyecandy out of the car when they go into the house, they now paid over a good $1,500 to pay for a personal gate FOR THEIR DRIVEWAY. A driveway that's only probably 2 1/2 feet, by 5 feet. A fence and a remote controlled gate.

They also use our fucking trash cans when theirs are too filled up with shit. They even called the neighborhood committee because we had trimmed our trees and had the branches out back, waiting for "large trash" pick-up day.... excuse me? that TIDY PILE OF BRANCHES ARE ENTIRELY ON OUR PROPERTY AND WOULD HAVE BEEN GONE IN A DAY. WHAT'S MORE, THAT TIDY PILE IS NOTHING ON THE MESS OF THEIR ENTIRE HOUSE, BACKYARD AND DRIVEWAY, WHICH IS ALWAYS LITTERED WITH DOG TOYS, BIKES AND CHILDREN'S TOYS, SPORTS EQUIPMENT AND OTHER MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS. Fuck, man....

They're the most IDIOTIC, DESPICABLE, AWFUL neighbors we've ever had. My first memory of them is of being tackled by Sooner III while they were trying to stuff their shit into our trash bins.

And would you believe me if that fucker, Mark, actually works with one of the major oil companies? I won't say which one, but that fucker profits while everyone else pays for the rise in gas.

THEY EAVES DROP, TOO. fucking pricks. Also, their beloved daughter, Alex, who is one year younger than me, for her senior year prom got a HUMMER LIMO and had a party IN THE LIMO, IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD, PARKED IN FRONT OF MY FUCKING HOUSE AT THREE IN THE FUCKING MORNING. Party lights blazing and beats thumping, meanwhile, I'm trying to sleep so I can be rested for an exam in the morning.

As I said, I severely dislike them....