Neighboors (1x1 w/ mglo)

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    Danika Was always a painn in the butt to her neighboors. Although being in Collage, she's still into pranks and being childish. Once When someone was moving in, She Spray Painted the wall saying

    "Welcome to our Neighboorhood, Hope You'll Like it
    Signed, The Prankster"
    She Just hasnt got one SIngle Person yet from the Neighboorhood, shit, she doesnt even know what the person looks like! but she does know the house that he/she lives in. She doesnt even know if its a guy or a girl. but soon, She'll Get that Person, even if it would be the last thing that She'd do. She's very Dedicated to a few things, Her Video games, Cooking, and Pranking.​
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  2. Aldric had just moved into the neighborhood, a serious man and accomplished violinist. The pride of his mother. He'd turned out exactly as she had hopped from the minute she put a violin in his little innocent hands and dropped him off into a rigorous education of music.
    His house was orderly and his taste a combination of elegance and comfort. In fact, he had just finished unpacking the last box and arranged its contents in order and where they belonged.

    Apart from talent, and good taste, he was also graced with handsome looks. Although, he did hope his looks would mature faster since people still confused him for a person in his late teens when in fact he was in his mid to late twenties.

    Aldric was quite the popular bachelor among the ladies in the orchestra but he would loose them all if they new his little secret. Truth be told Aldric was extremely vain and proud.

    To celebrate that he was now completely settled in his new home, Aldric decided to walk to the corner store and buy ice cream. There was nothing better during a hot day. He walked out in a simple white shirt and dark trousers and his favorite loafers.
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  3. Danika was on her way outside, to take a look at the house she's been staring at for days. To her surprise, she saw someone come out of the house, she stared at him intently as she saw him walk to the corner store. Before she could follow him, she dashed to his front door, her spray paint always in her bag, she shook it and started spraying on the door "you are lucky." It said as she signed 'the prankster' on the wall. She quickly dashed away making sure no one knew that she was the 'town prankster', if she did, she'd be in prison right now. She went back to the corner store only to find the guy gone. "Shit...." She said silently as she looked around for the man
  4. Upon arriving at the corner store he stood near the ice cream fridge and stared at it, one arm across his chest and the other covering his mouth in thought. He couldn't make up his mind, but after a minute he remembered he was celebrating so he went ahead and bought the two popsicles and a small tub of vanilla ice cream. Into the plastic bag they went except for the one popsicle Aldric walked out biting.

    He enjoyed hot days. It meant he could wear the types of clothes that showed off his lean body. But a girl's dirty word interrupted his thoughts. After exiting the corner store he had gone around the side of the building to sit on the bus stop's bench to enjoy his popsicle. After all, walking while eating one might not look very attractive if a chuck of it came off and landed on his white shirt! The thought of it alone embarrassed him!

    But running the risk was preferable to encountering hooligans so he got up and decided to walk back home. He rounded the corner store and came face to face with the girl of the dirty word and he kept walking.
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