Negima manga coming to an end


A Relic of a Bygone Era
Plot Status: Loose ends, questions, and unresolved storylines. (Read: THE MAIN FUCKING PLOT.)
Chance of Satisfying Ending: 1/1,000,000
Persional Surprise Levels: Low
Fan Rage Levels: Catastrophic

Only Reasonable Solution: Last three chapters give opening for a brief timeskip into a second series following an older Negi.
Personal Skepticism Levels: *Gauge breaks*

I am disappoint. This is kind of how I felt when To Love Ru's first run had to end, except that To Love Ru is an exercise in blatant fanservice and has no real plot until its second run...and even that takes a back seat to the Now-Cranked-Up-To-Eleven-And-Borderline-Hentai fanservice.

And the creator of To Love Ru had a reason in the form of a messy divorce, custody battle, and legal issues revolving around the fact that one of the characters was based off his ex-wife. Unless Akamatsu has some hidden issues I haven't heard about...well this is gonna be like watching a train wreck.


Child is born with a heart of gold
I read negima when it first came out, and I remember feeling that it had great promise. I caught up with the huge backlog of releases a few years back then forgot about it again. I wonder how it's doing.