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  1. It was a fairly windy and mild day as the enchanted school of Nefastus Lupata Academy glided through the air, hidden from the eyes of mortals as it floated through the white, fluffy clouds above. Soon, the "students" would arrive, the portals opening spontaneously along the courtyard. Many would depend on catching these passages to arrive on campus. After all, not many had the resources or power to reach the floating campus, as it never landed, and it was difficult to say just wear in the world it would be on any given day. Though missing the entrance portal was pretty much the only issue with attending a flying academy; the enchantment on the school made the air pressure and wind speeds just as they would be if the school were resting on the Earth, and with it being so difficult to find and reach, Nefastus Lupata was safe, at least from external conflict.

    The staff at the Academy, including teachers, nurses, shop keepers, maintenance and more, had been given the opportunity to come a couple days before the students would be brought aboard. Chester had no need to request a portal, with his Eldritch nature, but he was among those who arrived early in preparation. It hadn't taken much of the day to set up his room just the way he liked it, and to prepare the classroom for his lecture on Monday, and to memorize every inch of the school, so naturally he had plenty of time on his hands to explore, help out where he was needed, read a good dozen or two books and waste time until the midday portals started popping up. Taking the form of a young catboy, if only for the sake of blending in, and more importantly, mocking his older brother, Chester made himself comfortable on the steps of the front entrance, flipping through the last pages of some raggedy ancient text, looking occupied and engaged in his reading while in actuality he kept his eyes sharp and his ears listening, ready to keep a mental record of every last monster and superhuman who stepped foot out of those portals.

    He couldn't help but smirk slightly, intrigued and excited to see who was brave, ignorant or insane enough to venture into the chaos that would undoubtedly soon consume the supernatural halls of Nefastus Lupata Academy.

    At the very edge of the grounds, the first of the portals appeared, and from it emerged one of the many returning students. Despite the dangers that unquestionably would lie in store for this year, Nox Nirvana was bubbling over with excitement, her smile wide and brimming with enthusiasm from the moment the entrance portal arrived back at her home at Annabel Lee Cemetery. "Good to be back." Nox spoke softly to no one in particular, overjoyed to see the old building towering over her once more. It looked as shiny and new as the day it had been built, of course, not a scratch or dent left behind from last year's antics. After soaking the view in, Nox looked herself over, making sure everything was in order, then readjusted her grip on her luggage before skipping off towards the front doors.
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  2. Mona sits upon the NLA campus grounds with an expression of utter bewilderment. A moment before, she was at the bus stop with her luggage ready to travel to yet another new school. The next, her feet gave way and, along with her luggage, she was falling! Did a manhole open underneath her? Where was she? Are these... clouds? A giant building? Is she in heaven?! To her left, a mysterious young girl with white hair down to her shoulders and bones for fingers appears from the clouds-- walking along with a perky, upbeat attitude and a luggage in hand.

    "Um.. am I dead?" Mona mutters to the mysterious girl under her breath.
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  3. Eri, with the small bundle of her earthly possessions located in a bindle hanging on her Naginata, suddenly found herself in front of a gigantic floating school.
    "Now this is what I call exciting! It was smart to take that invitation to join this school," Eri said to herself quietly while taking in the scenery around her.

    She stepped towards the entrance of the school, her black shrine maiden outfit swaying along with her movement as she made her way towards the school, completely forgetting about anyone else in the world in her observation of the details of the school.

    But on just a few steps later the black-clad shrine maiden stopped and stated going left and right while mumbling quietly so only she cloud hear what was said: "Ah to think such place existed right under our noses! I wonder how powerful is the magic or power they use to hide this? Even if the magical adept population of Earth is now low in number and in hiding that doesn't mean they are bad at using their magic. Well it is just a curiosity that I will have to ask who ever is in charge of this place, if I ever get the chance."

    "Oh, look at this I did it again, well better not to get side tracked. Now should I wait here for someone to come or go into the school," she wondered while looking around.

    She decided that it was best to find a suitable place to sit and wait there to see if someone from the school will come to greet them or show them what they needed to do or whatever. So she waited...
  4. Setc was in his own thoughts at the time of arriving at the school. He had been searching for this place for such a long time, it was quite a relief to have actually found it!

    He gazed up at the large building before him, it was truly amazing. The entire academy was hidden away from prying eyes, high up in the clouds unseen from those on the..... Safe..... Steady..... Unmoving ground below.....

    Immediately Seth hurried away from any and all possible edges he saw in an attempt to hurry into the school. He was prepared for this though, as much as it goes against his biological nature, it's not so much the height as it is the lack of land. He was born on it and hoped to never leave it. Land was safe, land was secure. This place..... This place was dangerous.

    But at least having prior knowledge of what the school would look like was something he could use to prepare, inside his bag he even had something called a "parachute" in case things went bad. He may not know how to use it, but the thought of having it gave him some slight comfort.

    Moving along Seth didn't notice the person right in front of him, the two collided with force and Seth fell onto the ground just before the entrance spilling some items from his pack. Acting quick he started stuffing everything quickly in whatever spot they'd fit. It took him some time to get it packed too, after all, this one little bag held all his earthly possessions.

    As he did this he called out to the one he accidentally hit. "Uh..... Sorry about that, I didn't see you there!" He said showing his frustration, "Today is just not my day....."
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  5. Despite her eagerness to rush into her favorite academy, Nox's petite frame was only so strong, and she could only move so fast before her arms started to feel the weight of her trunk and suitcase and her little skeleton fingers started losing their grip.

    She had gotten quite a ways before she slowed to a halt, letting the handles of her bags slip through her fingers as she took a moment to give her arms a rest and take in her surroundings again. However, just as she set down her things, she noticed a blonde girl just a few feet beside her, muttering under her breath about if she was dead right now. "You don't know? could always just be undead, lots of people like that wandering around here. I think you'd remember how you died though! Does it have something to do with why you have panties on your head, maybe?" Nox replied, making her way over to the confused human. However, not long after she got closer to Mona did a tall, orange eyed man scurry over and knock right into the girl on the ground.

    Nox skipped right over to help the girl, as the boy seemed to have recovered from the crash just fine. However, as he was rushing around trying to stuff his possessions back into his pack, Nox noticed that his cloak had shifted to the side...

    "You have a tail?!" Nox exclaimed, with an amazed smile. It was nothing scary or strange to her, and she hadn't considered she might be acting a bit rude pointing out other's supernatural appendages....or that she might be freaking the human out a bit by pointing her literally boney fingers at the fairly large, scaley tail of....well....whatever creature this boy might've been.


    Chester's ears twitched slightly as he turned the page of his grimoire, just barely giving a shred of focus to the words his eyes grazed over. What he heard was much more interesting though. So far the Nirvana girl had returned, no less energetic and bubbly as she had been when he'd first seen her, along with some disoriented human girl, a clumsy Zaltharian lad and an inquisitive shrine maiden. Fortunately, other than getting some disturbing, dark vibes from the otherwise perky and amiable necromancer, Chester concluded none of the current arrivals would be especially dangerous.

    He kept his eyes down, deciding not to draw attention to himself. For now he would continue to quietly observe under the guise of a cat-eared bibliophile while the students gathered on the grounds and began interacting with eachother.
  6. The skies began to darken, and a faintly sweet smell not unlike sugar began to fill the air. This, surely, was the first sign that something stupid was about to happen. Moments of inactivity passed before the clouds themselves seemed to quake, their erratic movement growing more and more severe by the second. Suddenly, everything stopped. There was silence. A faint sound could soon be heard, however, from above. It slowly became more clear just moments before the skies themselves began to rain down a mixture of marshmallows and [rainbow]Skittles[/rainbow] upon the world below.

    Were anyone to look very carefully above, it would become clear that both the sound and treats were shooting forth from a large collection of miniature, blue/white portals. A larger portal opened up between them all, a mechanical platform hovering down through it with one particular blonde mad scientist cackling atop it. "Gaze upon my splendor, ye of little worth! Gaze upon my splendor, and then dig your fucking eyeballs out, 'cuz you ain't gonna see nothing better!"

    Zix had arrived.
  7. Before Mona could get in a word or even notice her luggage burst open from the fall, leaving her clothes and undergarments sprawled along the wispy cloud floor, she was knocked to the ground from behind. The aching pain from the impact only added to her confusion, unable to concentrate on the apologetic voice above her as she rubbed the back of her head. Slowly opening her eyes, her vision clears as a pair of panties comes into focus dangling precariously on the edge of her head.

    Swearing under her breath, Mona made quick work, lunging with her full body to grab the rest of her lingerie before the others could see. Hurriedly cramming everything she could into her ragged dufflebag along with her empty sports bottle and a pair dirt-caked sneakers whose soles lazily flopped in the wind. Picking up an unfamiliar shirt that was covering a pair of her hole-covered socks, Mona slowly searched for its owner as a stream of dark cascading scales brushed by her side. Slowly turning her head up to trace the scales to its owner, her curiosity was faced with a sudden down pour of... candies?

    "Wha-wha-wha.....whaaaat is that" Mona stammered, shakily pointing at the slithering tail and slowly raising her index finger to the sky as the rain of sugary delights grew. She tightly clung on to the shirt in her hands out of shock, meeting the gaze of the orange-eyed stranger and, up higher, a floating... maniacal... blonde.
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  8. The immediate confusion and disaster that was accumulating so quickly was getting to Seth. Yet as flustered as he was he tried his best to keep calm.

    "Uh..... I think your missstaken. And your handsss don-..... um...." Before Seth could make any more of a fool of himself it started to rain. Curious enough the rain seemed oddly coloured, and hard.

    Looking up Seth let out a groan of anxiety, this place had no manner of sense! The strange being above was raining colourful hail while insulting and gloating to those below.

    Glaring Seth turned away. "It's just a stupid school, expect anything, don't do anything" He muttered as he put the pack on his back.

    "Excuse me miss, are you okay?" He said in the calmest and most caring manner to the lady he previously ran into. Who was standing staring at the flying spectacle.
  9. Finally snapped out of her thoughts by the sudden rain of marshmallows and Skittles, Eri was in this order annoyed or intrigued by the following situation: the weird rain, the mess that the rain made, the mess that her future fellow students made and ,mostly intrugued, by the Elderich creature that her alert talisman was detecting from the her arrival somewhere in the nearby area.

    "One thing per time, first the rain, then my fellow students and then locating that otherworldy creature," Eri quickly said to motivate and recap her goals.

    She started of with launching of eight talismans to form a square around the area which rained and then she quickly, combining her own power with a ritual, collecting, directing and focusing divine power to seal the portals off, she left the ritual to go on knowing that it required only a small but constant flow of her own divine energy.
    With a quick *puff* from her mouth she then used a complex prayer which drined her divine power quite a bit and which called smaller Kami to start packing the things of the collided students into their respective bags and arragned neatly next to each of the students. The Kami were at it at large but nly those with strong spiritual abilites would even notice them no to talk about seeing them.
    The whole orderal just left her with enough power to finish the ritual which slowly diminished the rain and to keep her own protective barrier active enough for her to take out her talismans in the case of attack.
    Then after a slight *huff* from her mouth she used a simple location talisman which levitated for a few second and then flew over to where the Elderich creature was and hovered over it.

    Eri quickly came up to there with an obviusly excited expression on her face and spoke to it: "An actuall Elderich creature! Never though I would meet one inside of my life time. Hello there I am Eri Unakahi and you are?"
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  10. As sugary rainbow pebbles began littering the lawn, Nox was completely bewildered, but the confused expression only lasted so long before she realized what was happening and returned to beaming. Nox left her mouth agape and managed to catch a marshmellow with her teeth, holding out her hands to catch as much candy as she could.....

    .....but alas. It was short lived. Suddenly the candy rain came to a halt just as quickly as it had began, and Nox, with her mouth full of marshmallows and her boney fingers clutching fistfuls of skittles and more 'mallows, let out a disappointed, muffled "Aaaaaw".

    Still unable to speak, with her mouth full and whatnot, she turned to Seth and held out a hand, unfurling her skeletal appendages to offer him some of the candy she had managed to catch.


    Chester looked up, his expression calm and entirely unfazed. "Pleased to meet you, Unakahi-San. I answer to Chester, nowadays. Let's're a Miko, and a fairly well trained one at that, I see." He mused, not bothering to close his book. "As admirable as your talents are, Unakahi-San, I would suggest, for your safety, you save your strength. The Academy will get pretty dangerous, especially for humans." He glances over at the Kami, then up at her handy work at blocking off the portals. "Plus, the Observers will troll you if you try and meddle in their fun, especially if you interrupt their grand entrance."
  11. Aiace was a bit startled at the sudden change in scenery, but one look around him seemed to be enough to reassure him that this was where he wanted to be. People of many different species, some he didn't even know himself, seemed to be mingling in the courtyard and the scent of something sweet still hung about in the air by the time he arrived...marshmallows? At least, that's what he thought it smelled like. His split tail swished behind him as he walked a bit closer to the building, ears twitching as they picked up snippets of the conversation around him.

    Yes, this seems to be the right place.
  12. Finally standing up, Mona's attention snapped back to reality to the boy with orange eyes... and the scaly appendage hiding under his cloak.

    "Huh? ...Oh... yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks." She said hazily, sheepishly smiling. Clearly, there was only one explanation to all this. Clouds, falling candy, and, oh-- now a cat-eared fellow in the distance. Yup, clearly she took a nasty fall down a manhole and is now unconscious and currently having a hilariously strange dream. Mona knew all those years with her biological parents slowly seeped into her subconscious, creating this wickedly freaky delusion. By now she's probably being carried in an ambulance, being poked with IVs, the sterile smell of the clinical halls all around her, the insurance she'll have to pay...

    ...Wait a minute...

    Mona's eyes went wide. Her head hung low as she braced her forehead with her free hand.

    "Shit", Mona absentmindedly said aloud. "I don't have insurance."
  13. "Um, well. I am sorry about that, like I said it was an accident." Seth said unknowing of what this girl meant by "insurance".

    Beside him Seth noticed the disturbing young child holding some of the hard rain out to him.

    "Uh, I am sorry little miss, but what exactly is that?" Seeing as the girl was eating the rainbow rain he decided it was food..... Or at least something to that extent.

    Reaching out Seth plucked a small amount of the candy out of the girls hand making sure to be extra careful not to touch the bone looking fingers clutching it, and afterwards to keep it as far from his body as possible.

    "Thank you! But I apologize, I am not so hungry at the moment. But I'll save some for later." Seth quickly slid some of the skittles into a pouch on his belt, the rest he held out to the other girl. "Here you go." he said holding it out. "This is my way of redeeming my mistake. I hope it wasn't too much of an issue with you, miss uh...?"
  14. Nox swallowed the remainder of the food her cheeks were stuffed with. Then she giggled, giving Seth an bemused look. "They're not poisoned or anything, mister. They're not even human fingers!" Nox assured him, holding out her hand and wiggling her fingers. "They're carved out of whale bone. You don't gotta worry about touching them or anything!"
  15. Spacey as usual, it took a few seconds before she awkwardly pocketed the small handful of skittles and stammered out a response.

    "Uhmm.. Mona. It's Mona. Merricks, that is. Mona Merricks. And uh... um... don't worry about, I'm fine. Well... I've been better, but, you know..." Her eyes darted to the floor, getting fidgety as she brushed off the dust off her shoulder and refastened her grip on her duffel bag.

    Mona figured if she was going to be unconscious she might as well enjoy the ride and see where this dream takes her. She probably wasn't going to remember a lick of this when she woke up anyways.
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  16. Seth immediately perked up when the little girl mentioned whales. Even if she was just talking about her artificial hands, the topic still peaked his interest, this young one had the bones of a creature that lived in the ocean!

    The thought nearly made him lose focus of what he was doing. "Wow, um, cool! So whales are neat." he muttered unsure of how to reply without either insulting or weirding her out. But the fact that her hands were not her own. Creeped him out a bit, but he has heard of humans making fake replacements for missing limbs.

    "Well uh, Mona why don't we all figure out where we're to be staying. Come on, this place looks great." Seth tried to cheer her up. "I am new to this 'academy' thing, but so far it looks fun!"

    Seth cheerfully turned back to the little Lolita, "So, do either of you know where we are to go?"
  17. Nox's face lit up. "We need to make our way up to the main office! I can show you two the way!" She volunteered, bouncing on her toes excitedly. She hadn't even walked in the building and already she was making new friends. "I was a student here last year! Nafastus Lupata is a huuuuuge school, but I definitely still remember the way to the office and the dorm halls at least!" Nox stuffed the remainder of her skittles and marshmallows in her mouth and hurried to gather all of her luggage. She tried to grip all of it with one arm, and considering how much stuff she had on her, it didn't seem like she was going to be getting anywhere fast, but Nox seemed either completely oblivious or she was greatly underestimating her own strength.

    With a big gulp, she turned back to Seth and Mona, dragging her trunk and suitcases behind her with great effort. "I'm Nox N. Nirvana, by the way!" She stated, flashing them a peace sign and a big grin. Other than the odd tattoos and skeleton fingers, she looked practically harmless and perfectly cheery. She had no horns, no fangs, no blazing red eyes, and to top it all off, she didn't seem like the sharpest crayon in the box.

    "Just follow me!" Nox suddenly gripped Mona's hand, and attempted to pull her forward. But then, the moment her bone fingers touched Mona, they instantly dropped right off Nox's knuckles, landing softly in the grass at their feet. Nox just froze, her dumb, blissful smile still stuck on her face as she watched the bones fall. Her luggage slipped from her grip as she turned over her now fingerless, hand, staring at the empty finger holes of her fingerless gloves, positively dumbfounded.
  18. "Nice to meet you Chester, but what are Observers? Some sort of creatures with supernatural power I bet! And as for my strength I still have some to go around and as soon I get the chance I will run off and use a purification ritual to recharge myself with a hour or two of doing the ritual. Don't worry, I am optimistic about not meeting something that would want to kill me or eat me inside the first day of being here," Eri said while reaching for something inside of her outfit and pulling out eight long talismans and saying: "But in the rare case something does threaten me I have those things and power enough to use a chant to defend me long enough so I can use them. Those talismans control the Kami of walls to create a blessed wall between me and whatever I wish. But enough about that! Tell me all about Elderich creatures? Did Lovecraft describe you correctly? I want to know, if that is not asking to much?"
  19. Elsewhere in the school stood a rather disorganized-looking stack of papers. Well, really it was less like a stack and more like a large mound or pile, with several stacks of files packed so closely and sloppily together that the individual stacks were hardly discernible. As for its location? Probably the main office, or the principle’s office, or anyplace it would make sense for a pile of unorganized papers to be lying about in a school like NLA.

    Regardless, the papers themselves weren’t nearly as interesting as what happened to them next, as the pile moved and shook until finally, a humanoid face broke the surface, causing much of the pile to topple over and slide onto the floor as the form of the catgirl underneath became visible. “I awaken.” Niniane spoke softly as her cat ears twitched, no apparent emotion in her voice or face.

    It was unclear how she got there, or even what she’d been doing the past summer prior to the opening of the academy, come to think of it. Perhaps she’d gone dormant while she waited for the students to return? Made as much sense as anything else in NLA.

    She blinked curiously, looking around to see where she was and who else might be present.
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  20. "Oi." Zix sat down on her platform and produced a small remote from her pocket, using the controls to pilot the machine ahead into the building. "Could have at least rolled out a red carpet. Everybody knows I'm popular as fuck in this story." she paused, making a mental note not to jab at the fourth wall too often before going off to explore the halls.

    Elsewhere, in the Headmaster's office,
    "Mm, yes. This seems about right." Root finally finished organizing everything in the room according to her decorative desires. Snowglobes adorned the walls on intricate shelves along with a number of random tchotchkes from various cultures around the globe. She liked collecting such things when she had the chance, and displaying them in her office seemed a better idea than just letting them gather dust back home. "Now then... the students should be arriving right about now." she sat down behind her desk and steepled her fingers, pausing. "Let's see how this goes."
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