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  1. Desire is nothing to be ashamed of. It can be motivation to do better, succeed, get stronger, and grow. Yet it can corrupt, rot, hurt, and manipulate yourself and those around you.

    Until the early 1900's, desire was an intangible but powerful construct. However, special people began cropping up, wielding abilities that drove them beyond the limits of humanity. At first those abilities seemed to be unique and random to each wielder. That is, until, people began to talk to the wielders. What was discovered was incredibly helpful and astonishing:

    The powers of those special people were manifested by what they valued and desired the most in life.

    It is now the late 90's. By now, those gifted people have been given the name of Seekers, with their abilities being called their Desire. They have gone into hiding, joined law enforcement or military services for their respective nations, joined groups of their own kind for their own purposes, or even turned to a life a crime.

    The story begins with one of many such groups, NXM, a group that strives to correct the actions of Seekers that use their abilities for injustice so that the reputation of their kind stays clean and that the closing gap between Seekers and Humans close even faster.

    Granted they're, well, small, at the moment but with hard work and a multimillionaire's checkbook at hand, the potential of growth is towards the heavens itself.

    Of course, there are other groups besides NXM, and you can make one too! (with parents' and mods' permission).

    Character Template:
    Quick Bio:
    Additional Info:
    Using anime and real life pictures are acceptable for appearances.


    As stated before, this RP is meant to be very customizable through the groups you decide to make and your abilities.

    This RP will also thrive from your creativity with your singular ability and how well you can use it for different situations or work together with others.

    However, they must be approved for the sake of balancing and keeping things fair.

    Not only that, but keep in mind that your abilities are derived from your characters' personalities and ambitions. So if you choose a certain power, a lust for something trait relating to that power should be prevalent and shown through your character interactions.

    If you choose a power, but your character has nothing to do with it, you will be called out on it and certain actions will be met for the sake of consistency.

    Also, and this goes without saying, but don't be an ass, try to proofread your writing for the sake of others, keep OOC out of IC, and give feedback, positive or negative.

    Multiple characters are allowed but must be approved like all others.

    Also I do not want to pressure people with posting time limits, but if you take a ridiculous amount of time to respond, you will be notified. Failure to explain or comply could result in being skipped.

    I hope you enjoy yourselves.


    • Initial members of NXM
    • '$elena'


    Character Sheet:

    Selena "$elena" "$" Castillo


    Age: 23

    Quick Bio:
    All that is known about her is that when she was found, she was the head boss and 'Big Mama' of a gang that would frequently move throughout the ghettos of New York. She was confronted by and fought April for various crimes until the two came to a compromise and $elena agreed to fund and join NXM. In exchange, her gang has been "disbanded", although there are rumors of it still sticking around and that $elena is still in some form of control, albeit it long distance.
    The only people who know her full childhood are long since dead. The only one to come close to knowing any details about it is April, who has been told mere tiny details.

    One of the most eccentric people you'll meet, $elena's assumed upbringing within the ghettos of New York is apparent, as her mannerisms are very aggressive, cynical, dry, and volatile. Her sense of humor is a match and seems to be the reason why she and April get along so well, who seems to be the needed extinguisher to $elena's short fuse of a personality.
    The most noteworthy quality of $elena's and the root of her Desire is her values. All she holds of particular importance are money and power, believing there is nothing you can't have as long as you can pay the bill and power is needed to secure your position. In fact, the main reason why she chose to join NXM was because she believed that there was more potential for her to rise in power and society through them than if she were stuck conquering some dirty ghetto.

    Because of her values, $elena has the ability that she named "Gang$ta's Paradise". It allows her to use a much better version of Midas Touch. Not only can she turn items and people into gold, but also diamonds.


    In addition, she can control what becomes gold or diamonds, for how long, and can reverse the affect because of the fact that she's been honing her Desire for several years. It is possible for her to permanently turn things into gold or diamonds, but doing so exhausts her, depending on the size of the items she makes.

    Additional Info:
    Is highly uneducated in every field of common knowledge except for human biology. She is continuing to teach herself about the human body as it can help her greatly in fights if she were to turn vital areas of her opponent's body into gold, damaging them internally. Otherwise, she is extremely uninterested in educating herself.
    Prone to gambling, although she is quite good at it, dice especially.
    Highly superstitious when it comes to Christian fears such as the Devil, demons, possessions, and spirits. Would never partake in a seance or ouija board.
    Bilingual in spanish and english.
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  2. Feel free to submit questions, feedback, or submissions here.
  3. Is this a turn based combat role play?
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  4. Basically
  5. [​IMG]
    "Come walk to my song, baby!"





    Quick Bio:

    Beat was a boy who growing up had an affinity for birds. Not because of their beauty or what have you but because of the elegant way they moved through the air. Swirls in the air, diving through the sky, the whole lot of it. Much to his displeasure however he knew that as an average joe smoe he'd never be able to imitate the rhythmic graces of his avian friends.

    Until he discovered his power that is. He was a dancing savant. Every dance studio he went to, every dance club, he was the cream of the crop. Performing moves on a scale that no normal human could ever hope to replicate. It wasn't exactly flying but he'd be able to match the movements of the birds that walked the ground. Such as the ducks, ostrich, and flamingos!


    Beat is a very excitable young man. Very friendly and eager to make friends with anyone who meets him. Regardless of their disposition. They could be the evilest of scum that no one wanted to touch or they could be goddamn saints and Beat would sling an arm around them and be like 'bud? We're gonna be pals.'

    Beat can perform the most elegant dance moves but on a superhuman level that no other can match or compare. The user possess the best superhuman qualities of balance, flexibility, poster, movement and body language.

    Beat may also use it for combat in the most fashionable way, from tango to hip-hop, and cultural dance to Broadway dancing.


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  7. Name



    At least 22

    Quick Bio

    April does not talk about her past that often, and it can be assumed that she does not like to discuss it. Still, through interactions, one can infer that she has a bad relationship with her family, among other people in her past. Ask about her personal history at your risk.

    A year ago, she met Selena and was recruited by her into NXM. Selena quickly became her closest friend, though it might not seem that way to others, given their interactions with each other.


    Often shameless, sarcastic, and laid-back, April is a confident, almost whimsical individual. She enjoys teasing others to the point that some could describe her as just flat-out mean, though she means well. Most of the time. She bounces off Selena well in this way.

    April attributes her personality and demeanor to her history and experiences. She claims to be an independent person in the sense that she doesn't "need" anyone with her, but it's rather nice to be with others either way. She enjoys using others for her own expense, and believes that the ends justifies the means (making her Machiavellian in a sense) when it comes to accomplishing what she wants.

    Somewhat hard to describe, April is an individual better off being experienced and not being told about. Either way, on the side, for everything that April appears to be, she is more than likely something other than what she lets on. After all, she's a girl of many secrets.

    Desire / Ability

    Dubbed by herself and Selena Don't Drag Me Down, her ability is that of a support position. This essentially means that she is able to boost the efficiency of others' abilities around her at will, and to some extent, she can even "absorb" the efficiency of others to boost her own stats. This is where the name comes in, as when April does this, she encourages people to "try harder" to compensate for their slightly weaker powers now as to not drag her down during the mission.

    April feels that her power feels "incomplete," implying that there's much room for her desire to develop into something just a little different.

    Additional Info

    April is not her real name, but rather, a nickname, as one could guess. You can ask Selena for her first name, but only April knows her own last name.

    April is of Italian descent, though she was born in America. Thus, she can speak some Italian, but isn't very good at it, much to her chagrin, though she can't be bothered to learn more about it.​
  8. Second best girl but hey good
  9. Imma sign up here sooner or later I guess >.< working on the CS
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  10. No problem take your time
  11. Planning to start when 5 main characters are established. Anyone can sign up at any point, even after the RP starts.
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  12. [​IMG]
    Name: Scott Snyder

    Age: 21

    Quick Bio:
    Scott, as a child, was always rather perceptive, even before he could form complete sentences, he had a knack for recognizing patterns, and the general "flow" of the world around him. His first few words seemed to corrolate with this to a certain extent, his very first word being "again?" in response to hearing an ice-cream truck's tune he recognized driving past the window nearby. As he grew, this natural talent of his also appeared to evolve, though, he often loses himself in his own observations, as he often sees the world from a much different perspective than others might. Despite his eccentric behavior as a result from this, he was seen as a boon to NXM, as he proved to be able to predict the movements of rival, or outright enemy groups, working against NXM, though, his predictions are often cross-checked, as he unknowingly makes errors in his predictions occasionally, as a result from an unforeseen factor, or perhaps, simply a small oversight in his "vision".

    It is rather common knowledge that Scott is more of an introvert, despite a few moments where he may "break character" briefly, perhaps caught up in the heat of the moment... Though, it is less commonly known that Scott is prone to making rather accurate (or sometimes less so) observations of the world around him, as he usually notes such observations mentally, rather than verbally; something he had grown to develop as he matured, as others often found him strange when he did so. However, despite his seemingly distant personality, Scott is capable of empathy, and is rather compassionate to those he cares deeply about, on the other hand though, if one were to attempt to befriend him, they would need to draw his attention first. The more he knows, and is familiar with someone, the less distant he is with them, perhaps because he slowly begins to grow used to their presense.

    Flow - Ever since Scott was young, he had the unique ability to recognize patterns, and the general "flow" of how events go in his life... And as he grew older, this ability manifested itself into the desire of "flow", encompassing both the ability to see the "flow" of events around him, and to some extent, even predict how things may go in the future. However, the most remarkable feats he has performed using this ability is by creating his own "flows", usually "chains" of actions/techniques in combat... As long as he makes no mistake, he gains "momentum", and the longer he gains momentum, the faster, stronger, and more powerfull his attacks and maneuvers become, however, this is all lost if he slips up even once... Leaving him somewhat worn out, and without the "momentum" he has gained by using his ability in this manner. It is unknown how much more he may be able to do with this strange desire of his, however, it is known that Scott often strives to learn more about his own desire, and more effectively "develop" his desire into something he's more sattisfied with.

    Additional Info:

    Scott looks to be of Japanese descent, but, yet he is registered and known as someone that comes from a more Eurasian lineage, even he himself often wonders why this is the case... And if there was some minor detail about his family he was missing out on.
  13. As long as you consistently maintain his observant personality, you're all good
  14. Alright! o.o I shall try my best to do so!
  15. I guess I'll work on a CS even though i'm late to the party
  16. [​IMG]

    Linell Montaigne

    Twenty Four

    Quick Bio:
    In New York, Linell worked hard as an amateur model who was trying to gain both experience and attention from any huge corporation. Within a year, she signed a contract with an agency in Paris who said they could help Linell with her career. After dealing with a difficult situation and discovering her ability, she believed it was best for her to return home and find another career. Linell then was recruited into NXM as she continued to develop the ability she gained. Now training, she dedicates herself to help other members of the NXM fully become used to their abilities as she offers to train and spar with these members.

    Even though she seems like a hardheaded, stubborn woman, Linell is a very opened person who will listen to those in need to be heard. She tries to get along with everyone, but her temper is quite easily messed with. As for relationships, Linell doesn't want anything close in both her love life and friendships. Instead, she manages to obtain respect and authority over members who are younger than her. At times, she had difficulty in trusting others as well as getting personal with them.

    "Otherside" is what Linell calls her ability as she knew that it represented how she was introduced to it. Her desire is to continue to survive the life that was barely taken away from her, and by doing that, she eventually pushes people away from her. There are times were Linell tries to allow people close to her, but she then mistrusts them which leads to her separating them from her life. Her ability can leave a 'mark' on a person or object and teleport the person or object to her side at any point or distance. After they are teleported, the mark is gone, and she can mark someone or something else. Since the ability for teleportation is quite complicated for Linell, she uses weapons such as double pistols just in case.
    Additional Info:
    Preparing herself to travel to France, Linell can speak both English and French; however, her days of high school taught her other languages such as Spanish and Latin. Taking several college courses before considering modeling as her career, she is highly educated. Linell also participates in boxing as well as body training. With her experience as a model, she will indeed critic several members in their taste of style if they do not look appealing to her eyes. At times, she may learn to bite her tongue and instead help others look good as she also is very interested in fashion designing. She accumulated a large amount of wealth from inheritance in which she leaves that information hidden; however, Linell does not mind in paying for other's tabs if they truly need the favor.
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  17. [​IMG]

    Nigel 'Oz' Osborne


    Quick Bio:
    Having been born into a dirt-poor family in New South Wales, Australia, Nigel didn't hesitate in joining up with youth gangs. At first, the gangs stuck to petty things like vandalism, petty theft, slashing tires of wankers they didn't care for. But then it escalated into intimidating people for cash, acting as an enforcer to beat down folks who had debts they couldn't/refused to pay, and eventually murder.

    Disgusted with the path that Nigel had lead himself down, his family cut off contact with him. Allowing him to go off as he liked without having to worry about keeping up any sort of family image.

    Having felt that he'd done all he could in Australia with the authorities beginning to breath down the neck of local gangs after the murder of a big name politician, Nigel took the first ticket to America and didn't look back. Once there, he began looking around for what riches the underbelly of the good ol U.S.A may have had in store for him. Acting as a bouncer for a couple of shady nightclubs, it was around this same time that Nigel began to discover his power. When dealing with a couple of ruffians who were making a nuisance out of themselves and refused to depart after being asked to do so, Nigel got rough with them and after one pulled a knife, Nigel felt something snap.

    Suddenly, his right arm was alight with a burning black flame. Scared out of their minds by what they had just seen, the thugs made their way off, never to be seen at that club ever again. But then, Nigel wouldn't be around there for much longer himself. Discovering his ability to manipulate black flames, Nigel quit his job as a bouncer and basically sold himself out to act as an enforcer for whoever felt like dishing out the biggest amount of dough for him. No matter how scummy his employers may have been, money was money as far as Nigel was concerned.

    Although he gives the impression of being nothing more than a brainless thug, Oz intentionally perpetuates this stereotype. It allows his employers to believe they can take advantage of him if he's nothing more than dumb muscle. That said if at the end of a job, Oz's employer fails to pay up, they'll learn that his behavior while in their service had been nothing more than an elaborate guise.

    When he's actually in battle, Oz can be quite blood-thirsty and likes to draw out battles for as much as he can. Most of the time he doesn't hesitate in horribly scarring if not outright killing his opponent. If they're capable of showing him that they won't go down easily or at the very least show a decent amount of resistance than Oz may be more willing to let them live.

    "Black Sabbath" is what Oz calls his ability, mainly due to a mix of being a fan of the titular band and just thinking that the name matched well with his ability to control black flames. Usually when he activates his desire, black flames streak along his arms. Often to the point of engulfing them entirely, but Oz can manipulate how much of his arms he wants the flames to cover. Due to the nature of the flames, if Oz touches someone or something while his desire is active, the flames will latch onto the unfortunate recipient and it'll continue to burn away at them until either of three conditions are invoked.

    -Oz is gradually weakened over the course of a battle. Controlling the flames, separate as they may be takes a toll on Oz's body. If a battle drags on to the point where he's in bad shape or he's just starting to run on empty, any flames that are not on his person will begin to fade away.

    -If he's persuaded to stand down or something important to him(i.e his money) is in danger of being damaged, then he can manually force any remnants of black flame that have separated from his person to fade away at his leisure. Naturally, due to Oz's blood knight tendencies when he's actually engaged in combat, getting him to extinguish his fires of his own volition is quite the rare sight.

    -If he's knocked out cold then any black flames, whether they're on his person or burning anything that Oz come into contact with, they'll fade away. Can't keep the flame going if the person supplying them is down for the count, right?

    That said, while Oz hasn't managed to get a good grasp on the concept of using his black flames in a projectile-manner, he's been able to spread the flames further than just his arms. Though, it's not often that he finds an enemy who forces him to use the flame to such an extent. But if his hand is forced then he can cover his entire body in the flames, rendering him susceptible to range attacks only. As for any weaknesses beyond that, the flames don't burn any more than an average fire would, despite what the coloring may have one believe. Water will not put out the flames however, though they will still cause steam to emit from the flames and will irritate the flames, temporarily removing control of them away from Oz. Though only for a brief window of time-around five or so seconds.

    Oz's Flame extended (open)




    Little Man
    Show Spoiler
    Heather Simpson


    Quick Bio:

    The person who would come to be known as 'Little Man' by Beat started off as someone who felt they had a career as an artist. But, financial problems and bullying at school lead them to take up a more rebellious outlook on how to go about with their art. Buying a can of spray paint from the nearest dollar store, they set about doing petty acts like spray painting not-so clever insults on the cars of people they felt had wronged them or just for shits and giggles like the car of the teacher they didn't particularly care for. Like the gym teacher for example got big brown turds painted all around their car.

    But then they ran into Beat who by this point had a firm grip on his desire, having been using it at various clubs to entertain many of their patrons. Little Man didn't see how or why a goofy guy like Beat deserved to any powers at all and decided that someone as care free as him needed to be brought back down to Earth. So, grabbing their trusty can of spray paint, they would have gone and grafitt'ed the hell out of Beat's abode, only to be caught at the last second.

    Rather than calling the cops or berating them for being a nuisance like so many others had, Beat took them under his wing(no pun intended)and has worked on trying to get them to realize that while being angry at the world for your problems is okay every now and again, it's not an excuse to do outlandish stuff to other people.

    It's...a work in progress.

    The person behind the moniker of Little Man is very friendly, but not to the point of naivety as Beat is. In all honesty, they often act as Beat's consciousness guiding him if taking any particular course of action might or might not be the best choice. That isn't to say that they aren't prone to falling for easily avoidable traps like Beat.

    They often act as if the entire world owes them a favor, a world view that Beat has tried his best to dissuade them from. Seeing it as unhelpful in a world where people may look to 'gifted' people like Beat and them with awe or fear. The latter of which might only grow in numbers if someone like them continues to carry a chip on their shoulder for antics held against them before they realized the full extent to their desire.

    Keeping in line with Beat's admiration of birds of all shapes and sizes, Little Man believes that creatures such as ducks share a similar plight to them. If not in reality but in fiction. Little Man has often put themselves in the same light as the 'Ugly Duckling' only they don't feel like they'll turn into a beautiful swan any time soon. But, that's not going to stop them from continuing to tag along with Beat and express themselves in the only way they know how: Through spray painting whatever they damn well please.

    Oh and helping people, that too.

    "Become the Beast"

    Little Man's desire allows them to take on the form of the creature they just so happen to identify with the most. That being a small yellow duckling. The differences being that unlike a regular duckling, Little Man retains their human-level intelligence while in 'duck form' and is able to take quite a few more hits than a baby duckling that's not actually a human in the guise of one might be able to tank.

    Their are also two more advantages to this desire beyond just the transformation itself. Whenever Little Man decides to activate their desire, they're enshrouded in a puff of smoke which allows them to quickly scurry off for cover if they're in the middle of a hostile situation or in conjunction with Beat, the cloud can give him a smokescreen to allow him to have a better chance of landing successful attacks.

    The main offensive portion of this desire resides within the duckling form as might be imagined. If Little Man holds their breath for a decent amount of time, they can shoot out streams of water. Which can prove useful in propelling Little Man to higher locations as well as knocking much bigger enemies on their rears with a surprising amount of force packed within the water stream.

    The drawbacks of this desire however are very obvious. While the desire is activated, Little Man loses the ability to speak in anything other than quacks which to anyone other than Beat who has spent many extended periods of time with Little Man/helping them hone their desire might earn a quizzical tilt of the head or just outright confusion. They're also not very physically able in this form with swats with their wings and bites being little more than irritants.

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