needs a 1x1 partner for mature or normal rps

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  1. Hello um I want to have a partner for 1x1 fantasy, traditional and/or we can do mature if your up to it... i do have a couple ideas if your intrested.

    1) a boy/girl could run into each othervduring an appocolypes and somehow have to find a safe place and mange to escape (there could be a possible romance. We can descuss this later)

    2) boy/girl and one of them could be a hybrid/or powers of their choice. Boy/girl finds out when a fight breaks out during school. People will start to call him/her a freak and it would just go on from there.

    3) there is a war going on and boy/girl are on opposite sides (up for discussion)

    Thats all i can come up with... if you have any more ideas then we can discuss it
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  2. Hey i'm up for an rp if you are still interested X3
  3. Yes i am heh i did just post this today after all :P which kind of the ideas are u into or what do u have for an idea? (only thing is that I play female characters and rarely male characters...)
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  4. I'm interested in your second plot idea and I play guys and gals equally. So playing the male is perfectly o.k. by me.
  5. which would u like to be then? im mostly into the hybrid lol
  6. Well evidently I'll be the male, so obviously your character is the lovely lassy hybrid. Fairly straight forward me thinks, so that sounds like a plan from there X3
  7. indeed ^^ alrght so next thing, will this be a mature rp or a normal one? (also I don't do very long posts but I can try to do like 3-5 sentences if needed lol)
  8. I dont mind a mature one. And I am a big lengthy poster just so you know.
  9. ok then ^^ so now for characters.... shall we pm them?
  10. certainly! Pm away
  11. pm'ed... or started conversation with u lol