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  1. Lately I have been craving some more MxM rps. I don't really have any concrete plots in mind but we can always come up with one together. I play Dom, Sub, and Switch.

    Some pairings:
    -Angel of Death x Human
    -Alpha x omega
    - Alpha x Vampire (For this one I really want to do a switch, two dominate males going at it. Each refusing to submit)
    -Rich man x waiter
    -Nerd x Bad boy
    - Jock x Bad boy
    - Jock x Nerd
    - Student x Teacher
    - Criminal x FBI Agent
    - Insane Person x Doctor
    - Kidnapper x Hostage
    - Dom x Sub

    - Slave x Master
    - etc.

    Things that I do:
    -Light & Heavy BDSM and Bondage
    - Toys
    - Name calling
    - ask and I'll tell you

    Things I don't do
    - Bathroom play

    If interested PM me or say so here~
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  2. I'm interested in either alpha x omega or student x teacher
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.