Needing roleplays

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    I just joined and looking for
    roleplays. I prefer very few one liners but we all have writers block so I
    understand. If you want to stop the roleplay please let me know. We can either
    change it around a bit, start a new one or just end it. Here are some ideas of
    what I do. Please feel free to suggest ideas but I am kind of

    -Underworld (must know the story well)
    -Family (plot)
    -Abusive relationship
    -Breath control
    -Trapped on an island (with or without killer)
    -Trapped in a mall (with or without killer).
    -Hatchet 2
    -Nightmare on Elm Street
    -Friday the 13th
    -My Bloody Valentine
    -The Walking Dead First Season (TV show)
    -Cell 2
    -Lost Boys 2 and 3. Not 1 I hated it.
    -NEW Vampire Diaries season 1 and 2.
    Will add more as I think of them.
  2. -Underworld (must know the story well) - can do I saw the movies

    -Master/slave - you mean a smuty one?
    -Nightmare on Elm Street - Maybe...

    PM if you want,
    I am online monday to friday 9am-7pm Lisbon time
    if you see you'll be online at the same time it would be cool to RP.
    I have more freedom to post in the morning (I have internet at work only)
  3. I like Vampires.

    Mental Hospital?

    And, the Nightmare on Elm Street thing...well...maybe just make our own twist and do something with Dreams maybe?

  4. I'm up for hospital, vampires, zombies, master/slave, and abusive relationships
    I have no life and I post quick.
    Feel free to hit me up.
  5. still looking for roleplays
  6. still looking for roleplays
  7. Thanks Hades but I only do one on one.
  8. still looking for roleplays
  9. I'm super into

    -Abusive relationship

    What is breath control??
    And what kind of hospital setting? Mental? Rehab? Angsty angsty hospital scenario? Hospital romance/DoctorPatient affair?
  10. I can do Vampires, Abusive Relationship, Hospital (any kind) and Underworld, if you're still looking. PM me if you want ^^