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  1. I'm in the need of some serious partners. Normally I do MXF roleplay playing female. That's just what I'm comfortable doing so I would like to stick with that setup. Anyways I do have some few expectations though.

    1) You must write at least 2-3 paragraphs. One liners aren't going to fly.

    2) I do ask if you feel like you can commit to the roleplay or need time off you please tell me up front. I won't be mad I just really hate it when people leave me hanging. That being said I will try to inform you if I feel like I'm going to be busy.

    Okay some of my roleplays I've been wanting to do I will list below. Some I already have plots for which I will star and we can talk further in pm. ;)

    Haven ~ Audrey x Nathan or Duke


    FBI detective x local sheriff * (Note a little gore)

    Marvel agents of shield or anything marvel for that matter


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.