Needing character drawn! Please help!

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  1. I'm wanting a portrait of my character Mikayla Crosaki. If you can draw anime similar to what's in Soul Eater than I would like it if you would do this for me. I really really want to have a portrait of her so I would really appreciate it if you would draw her.

    She has dark brown hair with some caramel highlights her hair is rather long about to the middle of her back she also has side bangs that almost cover her right eye. She has dark brown eyes. I would prefer for her to be wearing white skinny jeans with black boots over them and a red shirt under a black leather jacket. She is about 18 years old and has tanned skin.

    Thank you so so much! I really do appreciate your help!
  2. I can doodle this later today
  3. Ok I would love to see it
  4. Sorry for the wait. Didn't have the chance to mess with it again 'til today, to color it.

    This is the first attempt at the portrait w/ Soul Eater's style. I can give it another shot if you want a better portrait or a more heavy Soul Eater style.

  5. It's really nice but I was aiming for more soul eater style if you don't mind also I would prefer if the highlights were a little more of a blonde color

    Sorry I'm being so picky!
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  6. No prob, I'll give it a shot when I can
  7. I believe that I might be of service here, though mine might not be exactly Soul Eater looking...

    Just one question... Is Mikayla a WEAPON or MEISTER?
    If WEAPON - What sort of weapon is she? Should I add part of her 'weapon side' to her portrait?

    If MEISTER - Does she have a weapon partner? Should I add her holding the weapon aggressively?

    Or is Mikayla just a human? ^.^
  8. Mikayla is a weapon she is a chained kunai but you don't have to draw that part of her also I would kinda like to change the colors of her clothes if you don't mind I would like a white leather jacket instead of black a black shirt instead of red and red pants instead of white please! I can't wait to see what you make!
  9. Alrighty, I'll get started then! I'll try my best to get it Soul-Eater looking, but personally I have my own style... ^.^

    I'll post the image here when I finish with it. Maybe tomorrow or the next day. =D
  10. This is a.. uh.. very very rough drawing. Still need to work on it digitally. Do you like it? rofl

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