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  1. I have tried many times to find twin pictures for roleplays. I need a boy for my character I will post. Around 20 and please identical or as close to as you can. [​IMG]
  2. Are you requesting for someone to draw this for you or are you asking for help finding a photo?
  3. ^I have the same question.
  4. Find if they could please.
  5. Show Spoiler

    That's probably off.

    When looking for photos try using key terms like "blue eyes", "brown hair", "mid-twenty male" or just Google "twins". I'm sure you could find sets. Maybe when you are bored Google @Ozzie Chanter , maybe he has a twin. Hmmm. -Goes to Google to look up Ozzie Chanter-

    I found all his Iwaku Pictures...and... I think I found him~ JOKING Don't hurt me! -Goes Hide- Seems Google knows you quiet well Ozzie.

  6. I did search google. Can't really find any.
  7. (I know Ozzie)

    Well, you could always do some photo editing to make a person have the same blue eyes, skin tone, etc. It really depends how identical you would really want them.

  8. I think it would be rather difficult xD
    But I tried my best to find good ones.
    Let me know what you think ;)


    Or this one

  9. ZsafineGypsy thank you I just don't know how to edit photos.
    PureKor thank you those are awesome.

    If anyone has anymore twin pictures not using my one I posted please post them.
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  10. I can do some photo editing like color changing (eye or hair), but doing real photos are a bit complicated for me at the moment when it comes to skin tone. If I worked on a picture I fear it would lose it's real life touch.
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  11. I got a few more lol xD




  12. Oh wow thank you. The last picture looks just like her :)
  13. I was thinking of that one to xD
    They seem like it, somehow lol

    Mission accomplished then ? ^^
  14. Yes thank you :)
  15. Yay !! Tiger power ! Raaawrr ~

    I'm glad xD
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