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    Name: Mina Williams
    Age: 18
    History: Mina is a sweet natured girl who is always friendly to people, but she does have a shy side. She comes from a very wealthy family and goes to a private school, but her parents are not home often and so she has been raised by her governess.

    Mina has been having nightmares for weeks now and it’s always the same. It’s her, running down a hallway and running form someone who is chasing her. She doesn’t see his face and she has to make a choice, either allow the man to grab her or jump and every single time she jumps and right before she hits the ground she would wake up.

    What Mina doesn’t know is that the dreams were all true and were about one of her past lives. The man inside the dreams is still alive and is still searching for her because he was and still is madly in love with her. Now he knows she is alive and wants her back.

    I am searching for someone who can write more then one line, I love to write and I am wanting at least one paragraph. Also I am looking for someone who can play a character that is a tad insane and who is very obsessed with my character. Maybe at first he tries to woe her but she isn't going for it, maybe the dreams keep warning her and his own actions put her off? So he goes for more drastic measures like kidnapping and using force on her?

    Now if you are interested just P.M me and we can discuss this and maybe throw some ideas around and get something good happening! XD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.