Needing A Male!

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Name: Kara Williams
Age: 19
Hair Color: Dark Red
Eye color: Emerald

History: Kara has not had an easy life, she never knew her father and her mother is a druggie who barely even noticed Kara. When Kara was a teenager she become a street kid and soon sank into crime and started to use drugs herself, however she never got into it like her mother. Kara does have a sweet side however, but she is hardened and knows the street ways and does what she need to so she can survive.

Plot: Kara has came to a new large town and quickly makes a new friend who takes her to the local hang out where the Leader of the top gang chills at. Now this guy is brutal, he has to be to keep on top and he has the pick of all the girls in his town and has pretty much had them all. He spots Kara and finds her very attractive and wants her, but she turns him down and this just fuels his hunger for her and it doesn't help that she teases him endlessly. It drives him crazy, no one has ever told him no and so he decides he will have to use force, he also makes up his mind that he is going to make Kara more then just another sex object for he wants her for himself.

This will be very mature, loads of sex and have loads of drama. So if interested message me and we can jump into things or discuss this plot further if you want!
Not open for further replies.