Needing a female partner

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  1. always:

    1. Post at least once a day (life happens, I know. I'm a nice guy)

    2. At least two paragraphs though you will keep me interested longer with three or more.

    3. Do try to check spelling and grammar. I fail at this at times so I am not douchey about it.

    4. Bring some of your own ideas. I like a partner who can add to the story.

    They've been friends forever so close even that they rent a place together and attend the same college.

    The problem? He's always loved her but is a nice guy and often is beaten by other guys in the race for her heart.

    She thinks he is cute but would never go past that afraid to ruin their friendship. Her current boyfriend is the typical douche bag.

    Can he save her from the ass hole she is dating before it's too late? Will she see the greatest gift of love that's been right in front of her all this time?

    Interested? Send me a pm and we can discuss this further.
  2. Is the spot still open? I really like the plot :o
  3. Interested if still open.
  4. I'm interested if your still looking c:
  5. It seems this is filled... But interested if possible!
    Why not have competitors for their attention? XD