Needing a Dragon.

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  1. So I'm needing someone to play a male dragon for my character. My Character

    I leave the aesthetics up to you. I just require one thing in him. That he is rare breed that can shift to human.

    Run down on the plotline is that the village my character is from is having a bit of trouble with a dragon and of course the only way medieval people know how to get rid of one is to fork over a virgin. They draw lots and my character's name is drawn.

    I have that part of the plotline set in stone after that it becomes free flowing and I'd like someone who'd be willing to play off the cuff. Expect twists and turns, just cause my mind is like that. I can work with pretty much any style of writing and even though I expect my posts to be perfect I don't expect yours to be. That being said I'd like someone who is seriously interested and would be willing to give me something to work with. My poor desk has dents in it from people who write one liners and expect a role play to last. I mean its like going in to fight the beholder in a dungeon and only bringing a knife and expecting to last more than one round. Seriously? Tsk tsk. You know better.

    Anyways I differ. If you've gotten this far and like what you've read then either reply here or PM me. Thank you!!!
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  2. I so wanna do this....
  3. Hit me up with a PM. FYI no full CS is required I just want to know what he looks like as a dragon and as a "human".