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  1. Hello looking for a partner that can challenge me and can keep a rp interesting I would like story as well as some mature themes

    I need something different, something that gets me excited when I see I have a post back only have a few rps ATM so am searching for more

    I roleplay as either male of female, I use both anime and real pictures, I can play sub or Dom I do mxf or fxf I'm not good at mxm so I don't do them. I'm easy when it comes to punctuation its not my strong suit but I'm okay I guess. As long as I can read and understand what your saying I'm happy.

    I love plot things out especially if I'm excited about the story line. I am nice and will understand if you can't post every day. I tend to post multiple times a day. Some days are better than others.

    Pairings will be posted.

    Police officer x criminal
    Bodyguard x protectee
    Kidnapper x kidnapped
    Tutor x student
    Celebrity x fan
    Band member x groupie
    Band member x band member
    Dad x daughter
    Brother x sister
    Mother x son
    Sister x sister
    Mother x daughter
    Cousin x cousin
    Human x neko
    Neko x neko
    Best friend x best friend
    Friend x friends brother
    Detective x murder
    Subcubess x human
    Ghost x human(might have a plot)
    Lust x innocent
    Knight x princess

    If I left something out don't be afaird to ask.

    Please pm if you're interested :)
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  2. Still looking
  3. The cousin x cousin would be a nice twist. Haven't done that yet.

    Otherwise, the sister x sister and the teacher x student would be fine too.
  4. OK send me a pm and we can discuss further :)
  5. Still looking
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