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  1. Hey guys! I am looking for a roleplay partner. A serious one. One that will roleplay with me AT LEAST once a day! If you aren't looking to roleplay seriously, then I don't think we'd make good roleplay partners. I am just looking for someone who is willing and able to reply to roleplays at least once a day. If you are able to do that much, I am very interested in speaking with you and roleplaying with you!

    I understand that people have lives. I don't expect a novel reply. If you can reply, even if you can only pull off a paragraph, that would be fine! I am cool with 3 to 4 sentence roleplayers, although I prefer and would rather do paragraph roleplays. If you feel like you fit this profile of what I feel is a good roleplayer, then SEND ME A PM OR REPLY TO THIS THREAD PLEASE! THANKS! :D

    A few ideas I had that I'd be down with Roleplaying:

    I am quite knowledgeable about many different types of animes that are not Yaoi or Yuri as I prefer not to watch or roleplay that with people. So just ask! More than half of the time, I will know which anime your talking about. I roleplay any kind of anime genres including violent and gory animes. Here are a few animes I'd LOVE to roleplay. (These are just suggestions)

    *P.S - I prefer to roleplay romance, but am ok with not roleplaying romance if your plot doesn't involve it :)

    ~ = Romance Roleplays preferred - (Male x Female Romance only)

    Tokyo Ghoul (Cannon or OC plots welcome)
    Inuyasha (Cannon or OC plots also welcome)
    ~Brother's Conflict (This one would be Cannon Character x OC)
    ~Uta No Prince Sama (Cannon Character x OC)
    ~Free! Eternal Summer (Cannon Character x OC) - Like I said, I don't do Yaoi. This one would be a Male x Female pairing.

    (These are just a few ideas! If you have any other ideas or want to roleplay another anime with me, I'm down for that! Just ask!)

    Ideas that don't include anime that I would like to roleplay:

    X-Men (Cannon or OC plots welcome)
    Grimm (Cannon or OC plots welcome)
    Servant x Master
    Demon x Human
    Marvel Roleplays (Cannon or OC plots welcome)
    Student x Student
    Crime Plots - I don't tend to like romances in this kind of plot so if you don't like roleplaying romance, then I'd love to do a roleplay with a CSI type plot or the typical, find crime scene -> Find clues to criminal and who he/she is -> Eventually follow all clues to the criminal and capture them type plot with you!

    Any other ideas are welcome! I do PM roleplays and thread roleplays although I tend to prefer thread roleplays! PM Me your ideas or reply to this thread and I will get back to you asap! Thanks!
  2. Do you know of NANA?
  3. I do know of it. However, I have not yet seen it. ^^;
  4. I am up for a Marvel OCxCannon or OcxOc or a X-Men OCxOC type. Preferably Days of Future past ending school type. Where the Mutants are more welcoming and there wasn't a war.
  5. Ok! X-Men one ok? I have been dying to role play X-Men! I am cool with it being post "Days of future past"! Pm me and we can flesh out a plot!
  6. Hi! I would love to role play Tokyo Ghoul with you >w<
  7. I'm up for a Marvel OCxOC or OCxCanon
  8. I am very interested in an InuYasha roleplay of either Inuyasha x Kagome or Miroku and Sango. I would prefer to be Kagome or Sango.
  9. I love Marvel! X-Men & Avengers are my favorite. Would you be interested in a somewhat Crossover between both Fandoms?
  10. Would you be interested in an X-Men and Avengers plot? Somehow to incorporate the two together. Tony Stark is just... just... mmmmmmm.....

    Okay back to reality. But yeah, if you're interested that would be super cool. Or maybe just a Marvel Universe roleplay centered around X-Men, so we can bring in peeps like Deadpool or the Avengers, maybe even the Guardians of the Galaxy if you want. Just a proposition yo.
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