Need Vampire male character for rp. Romance, Fantasy.

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  1. I was wondering if anyone wanted to rp a male vampire who has a sudden interest in my character. I have it set in modern times but if this bothers you I can change it to the past.
    This is not a twilight vampire story and the vampires are more like the ones from true blood / the vampire diaries / interview with a vampire. Vampires drink blood without turning the person/ they need to be killed with vampire blood in their system in order to be able to turn/ they cannot enter a private home without being invited in first (public places are okay).

    I was going to make her a human who can sense other people's emotions and ghosts. Why you decide to be interested in my character is up to you and we can work out a plot if needed. Post here if you are interested with a character sheet and we can work out the details over PM. I can usually post once per day and am up all hours of the night so getting this story started will be fast and fun.

    Name: Vanessa King
    Age: 19



    Vanessa has creamy ivory skin with red curly hair and purple eyes. He hair comes to her upper back, not falling past her waste. She also has bangs that sweep across her forehead. She is around 5"10 and has a feminine build, a little on the skinny side. She normally wears her hair down, though she does tie it up from time to time. She can normally be found in a dress or skirt, preferring to dress feminine and wears light colors.

    Personality: Vanessa is very shy about her abilities and tends to hide them from everyone she meets. She isn't very close with her family either, preferring to be more of a loner. The few friends she has know about her power but don't often talk about it with her. Vanessa's main goal right now is to go to college and get a degree in psychology. She tries to force her powers away, preferring not to talk to ghosts and shutting her self away from other people's emotions. Despite all of her difficulties with her powers, Vanessa has an overwhelming urge to help people. She is often a beacon of light for her friends, making them laugh. When threatened Vanessa isn't as submissive as she appearance She will try to defend her self and others. Though she isn't one to be pushed around, she generally tries to avoid these situations if she can, trying to be more diplomatic is the time calls for it.

    Vanessa grew up a small town in Texas. When she was around five years old she fell into a lake and almost drowned. Sense that time she has constantly been bothered by ghosts. From being bothered in the middle of the night, to midday encounters ghosts have bothered her all throughout her life. When she first told her parents about this power they had her committed at the age of 10 years old. She spent 6 months in a hospital, drugged on medication. Pretending to be better, she got out and has never breathed a word of this power to anyone sense. Around 16 years old she began to develop a second power, the ability to sense other people's emotions. The closer she was to them, the more powerful the emotion was. Her goal up to this point has been to move away from her family and to start a life of her own. She has moved away, taking a part time job as a waitress and living in a small apparent. She hopes that one day her ability to see ghosts will disappears and that she can live a normal life.


    Contact the dead: Vanessa does not know how to shut this power off yet so many ghost still bother her throughout her day. Depending on their actions and looks, some scare her enough to make her run away. She can contact anyone's dead relative as long as their soul has passed on.

    Empathy: Vanessa can feel the emotions of those around her. The closer in distance you are to her, the more powerful this power before It is incredibly powerful on those Vanessa feel a close friendship with.

    Unknown power: Necromancy Further in this rp Vanessa is going to gain the ability to raise zombies and the dead. She will also have the ability to command newly turned vampires (less than 3 years old) as well. This is going to happen much later in the rp so I am just listing this here as a power for now.
  2. Name: Destaran Hewett

    Age: 114 (22 in human years)
    -was born in 1898 and changed in 1920

    Appearance: Destaran has short, black hair and beautiful, copper colored eyes. He has an athletic build and is 6"4. He doesn't like to wear anything flashy, so he sticks to regular black jeans and t-shirts. His skin is pale and sparkles*.


    Personality: Destaran tries his hardest not to get involved in human affairs or any affairs to be honest. Always expects the worse in people. He keeps mostly to himself and enjoys reading. He usually keeps his feelings masked well on the outside and isn't very nice at first. Will most definitely fight if provoked.

    How he changed: He doesn't know who changed him, but it was against his will one night in the streets.

    Powers: Destaran is different from other vampires due to his strong telekinesis.

    Life Goal: To kill the vampire who changed him

    *JK! I just had to add that part to see what you would say XD
    **Sorry that his pic looks so human. There was no good vamp pics u_u At least he's hot! 8D
  3. The picture is perfect. Thanks for responding. I'll start the thread then post here when it is done. :)