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  1. As I've been writing, I've been thinking that having a drawing of my two principal characters would be nice, and help me along with the creative process So, lacking artistic ability, I turn to the denizens of the Internet. I'll explain both characters below:

    Michael Haghn (open)

    Appearance (open)

    Michael is 5'11, very ruggedly built. His years spent as a soldier has hardened him, and everything about him seems rough and rugged. He is in very good shape, comparable to an Olympic athlete almost. Michael has a tough, chiseled jawline. His eyes are a steel blue. Michael keeps his brown hair very short, in a buzzcut. Michael typically wears a black T-shirt, over which he wears a vest, and also a leather jacket. He has a silver wristwatch turned to the inside of his wrist, and black fingerless gloves. Michael also wears black cargo pants and black combat boots. He has three prominent scars; a faded set of vampiric bite marks in the left side of his neck, a werewolf bite mark on his left wrist, and a knife slash along his lower right cheek.

    Michael's bio (open)

    He had a relatively normal upbringing, though he learned Krav Maga, an Isreali hand to hand combat form, and devoted much time to shooting. He played football, hockey, and baseball in high school. Though he wasn't the stereotypical jock. He excelled in learning, devoting much time outside of class to learn. At 17, he returned home one night to find his parents murdered, and the killer in his home. Michael put his martial arts skills to bear, disarmed the attacker, and in cold blood, turned the murderers weapon on the man and pulled the trigger. This would be the first of many kills.

    Years later, he would join the Air Force. Though he trained as a pilot, he was noticed by a recruiter for a black operations group for his excellent leadership skills. This man took Michael under his wing, and brought him into the fold of black ops.

    Three years after, Michael was the only survivor of his unit after a deadly betrayal in the African jungles. Blamed for a massacure he didn't commit, he was sentenced to life in a Siberian gulag. After two weeks, he escaped into the snow. Only to be captured by someone else. He was freed after an ambush on the group taking him, and the person that saved him wasn't human. She was a fallen angel.

    This is where he met Allyson. The fallen angel saved him, and explained that he wasn't on Earth anymore, but on PseudoEarth. Basically the same world, but all the things humanity tells fairy tales and writes stories about is fact here. With no eat to return to his world, he vows to repay his debt to Allyson. The two become great friends, and even lovers, until Michael proposes, two years after that fateful encounter.

    His personality (open)

    Michael has many sides and faces, depending on the situation.

    In combat he is cold, calculating, but careful. He plans every move carefully, both to inflict maximum damage to his enemies, and to keep those under his command safe. He puts himself in the greatest danger often so that others won't have to.

    Outside of combat, he's warmer. While not the easiest person to get to know, once he makes friends with someone he would do anything to help or protect them. He wants those around them to be the best they can be. With Allyson, he's quite sweet, as he's a hopeless romantic with her. He even allowed her to turn him into a werewolf, just so they could spend more time together.

    On the inside, he is just looking for someone to protect. He views the betrayal of his unit as his fault, and seeks someone to protect, to make everything seem worthwhile to him.

    How I want his drawing and pictures (open)
    I'd like his drawing to be him standing with his back to a lake, wearing the outfit I described earlier. Ideally, he would have his rifle in his left hand, pointed at the ground and his pistol in his right, by his face.
    Tactical Vest:
    Leather Jacket:
    His rifle (I am unable to find a good photo matching what I want. The weapon is an FN SCAR-H. No attachments please)
    His pistol (IMI Desert Eagle):

    Allyson (open)

    Her appearance (open)

    I actually have a picture, I'll provide that in the last tab.

    Allyson is 5'7, she has a slender, toned and curvy build, but she isn't just some pretty face. She has a considerable amount of power in her arms and legs, much more than meets the eye. She has long silky dirty blonde hair. She has a round face and almond shaped brown eyes. As Michael describes her, she is both beautiful and deadly. Like most women, she has quite the wardrobe, but for this, she wears a long black backless dress with a slit starting at her ankle and running up to her thigh in her right side

    Her story (open)

    Allyson was born a regular girl, raised in a regular home in PseudoEarth. At 18, she was bitten by a werewolf. Her father took her to a scientist, and he began to experiment on her, adding in a vampire element to her body. She lived five more years, until the experiments killed her, and she became an angel. Because of her beauty, she was practically a princess among them. She fell in love with another angel, but he ultimately broke her heart. Allyson fell into a depressed state, then snapped, she returned to the surface, and went on a killing rampage. She acquired a demonic element from this, and was outcast from Heaven.

    Once she returned to herself, and finding herself broken and alone, she moved onto an island and took refuge in a large building, once an institute for training hunters. She restarted the school, learning, teaching, fighting, but never loving again. She fought to control the light and dark forces within her body and mind, and drove herself to the brink of insanity.

    This was when she met Michael, seeing a group of vampire hunters, killing them, and rescuing the man held captive. At first, she disregarded the human, but then gained respect for him after he saved her from an ambush. With his help, she pulled back from insanity, and learned to love again. She recognizes Michael as her equal, and as he would do anything for her, she would do anything for him.

    Her personality (open)

    Allyson is incredibly aggressive at times, especially in battle. Whereas Michael is ice, she is a supernova, charging into the fray with reckless abandon, cutting down enemies left and right. However, she is very protective of her people too.

    Outside of battle, she is a fun, warm person. She would teach someone to swim by pushing them into a river, and telling them to swim to shore. She's more sociable than Michael, a trait gathered from practically being royalty. She is brutally honest, and says what she thinks.

    One of the lines that I think best summarizes her character is here:

    She heard him approach, and sit next to her, but Ally didn't look away from the setting sun.
    "Ally, I'm sorry." Michael whispered.
    "You better be," she replied, looking at him with hard, firey eyes. "I thought you were dead. I hate you when you do that to me," she said, then she slapped him across the face. "That was for making me think you were dead." Then her gaze softened, and love replaced fire. "And this is for not being dead." She whispered, taking his face in her hands and kissing him deeply.
    Michael returned the kiss, his arms wrapping around her. She put a hand on his chest, and he took the signal, lying on his back. He broke away slightly to whisper, "there's going to be some payback, right?"
    Allyson smiled, "find out tonight," she purred before kissing him again

    How I want her drawn and pictures (open)

    I'd like her standing, back to a lake, with her swords in her hands.
    Her face (I know it's anime, but that is what her character looks like.)
    Her swords (Best picture I could find, but they are described as beautiful and deadly):

    If I got a picture of both of them, side by side, how I described. I will sell you my soul.

    Feel free to use your judgement in creating these portraits, I'm not an artist, so I'm trusting in an artists judgement.

    If you have any questions or concerns, let me know.
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