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  1. Hey there! Thanks for checking this thread out! At the moment, I am really itching to write a Tokyo Ghoul Roleplay. As for plot, I'm pretty flexible. I am wiling to do CanonXOC, OCxOC or CanonxCanon. I'm also fine with doing either MxF or MxM although I haven't had much of a chance to Roleplay as my OC and would like to. However, that's only a wish of mine. If you don't want to use OC's, still hit me up if your interested and we can talk plots!

    I'm cool also with roleplaying the manga story line or the anime story line. Whichever you prefer is what we will do! I will let you know right now, I'm better able to roleplay as males, but I can do a female if you aren't comfortable with playing a female, should we choose that route. I am willing and able to provide a character sheet before we roleplay if that is what you want/need.

    Also, before I list a couple plot Ideas I had, I am on pretty much every day and I can reply at least 2 times a day. If you are not able to reply at least once a day, then I ask that you move on. I know people are busy and I understand that, however, If your are so busy that you cannot reply at least once a day, then maybe your priorities are better put somewhere else rather than trying to roleplay and juggle real life. I usually am a Multi Paragraph writer and need a couple paragraphs each to keep my attention. If you are willing and able to do that too, Please message me!

    As for plots, here are the ideas I had.

    Plot one - OCxOC - A Human man and Female Ghoul meet (Or we could switch it around the other way as well) when she is hungry and finds the man bleeding and about to die. Instead of satiating her appetite, the female ghoul feels sorry for him and takes him in. That is when she starts to develop a close bond with the human male. (Cliche, I know, but it's an idea)

    Plot Two - CCG InvestigatorxGhoul - (I Particularly think this would be very interesting and fun to Roleplay) - A CCG Investigator meets a Ghoul they can't or don't feel they should kill. They get to know each other more and a forbidden romance blossoms.

    Plot Three - CanonxOC - (I am willing to play any Canon character if you want to ship one of your OC's with one of the canon characters. Just remember, I'm better at roleplaying males. This shouldn't be an issue if you want to do MXM, but if you want to do FxM then I would prefer the character I play be male.)

    Other pairings I'm ok with doing

    HumanxHuman (But seriously though, wheres the fun in this one if this is Tokyo Ghoul? Huh?)
    CCG Investigator x CCG Investigator
    CanonxCanon - (I will not Roleplay people who are supposed to be dead. Ex: Rize)

    Please let me know if you are interested in any of these Plot Ideas! Just post in this forum or send me a quick PM and let me know! THanks for reading and I hope to talk to you soon!
  2. We can do a GhoulxGhoul one.
  3. Sounds good! I would like that. FxM?
  4. With you being the male I assume?
  5. Well I'm fine with either gender its just your post said you preferred the male do you want to take the discussing to PM?
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