Need to Keep My Mind In Shape

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  1. So, I'm at job corps, and at job corps I live by a schedule. I get up at a scheduled time, eat at a scheduled time, relax only on a scheduled time, work at a scheduled time and sleep on a scheduled time. This drives me insane, so I depend on Iwaku for my daily dose of different. On here, I can be whomever I please and do whatever I please (to an extent). But lately, not everyone is responding to the RPs, so things are going slow.

    I'm looking for someone to RP with. I can RP with anyone, but I tend to do A LOT of Mature (18+) RPs, my posts can range from one line to two or three paragraphs (depending on how interested I am and how much I am given to work with), but I don't really have the attention span to read six paragraphs. I am very open-minded, and the only thing I really don't do is Dom/Sub. I prefer romance and plot, which means I'm rarely just smut. I am on usually from 8:30 AM-4:00 PM on weekdays (NOT including holidays) then again for a few moments later in the evening (usually around 8-9 PM) to check and respond one last time. On weekends, though, it's a LOT less, with no given time frame. I try to respond as much as possible, and if I'm going to be gone for an extended amount of time (unless it's a sudden change) I will warn you.

    So yeah, hit me up with any ideas you may have or if you're interested in RPing with me and we can discuss plot ideas!!

  2. I feel for you =n= I used to go to job corps myself, I know how it is. getting 15 minutes to eat breakfast and 45 minutes to clean the entire dormitory every day is blech.

    I might be able to help out... although most of the RP's Ive done to date were the gamey or silly type (I've never done romance, but expanding my horizon's would be good for me)

    I only joined very recently though ^^; so I don't know how active I will be to be honestly. I'm still updating stuff on my profile even!

    in any case, good luck looking for a partner. T_T stick with it!

  3. Well, if you would like to RP, that's fine with me :) And yeah, the scheduled life at Job corps is pretty boring...
  4. It's a little intimidating, Trying out something new for the first time, but sure ^^;; It sounds like a lot of fun. I'm visiting my grandmother soon but otherwise I should have full availability.

    I'd like to try out something romantic, anywho. it would be really refreshing, if you know what I mean!! >_<;;
  5. Hey, if it's alright with you, I'll make a 1x1 game tonight. I just wanna ask my friend who introduced me about character sheets real quick to see if I'm doing this right for my first time.