Need speedy rp partner or partners :)

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Hiiii peoples it's been forever and I'm in dire need of a rp asap before I die from bordem. *is already half way to the light at the end of the tunnel* x.x anyways back to what I want. First of a little about me:

1. I play male characters mostly idk why I just do them best but I can be a female as long as its a side character to my male. Just don't expect the prissy girly types from me. Most my ladies are tough chicks with bad girl attitudes lmao.

2. I only do 1 on 1 rp's groups confuse me but I can play multiple characters very easily.

3. I'm not a fan of yaoi or yuri or sexual themes(Mainly rp's about sex only)

4. I can handle a romance in an rp but come now who wants it only to be romance. I love having a bit of action tossed into my rps along with the touch of romance mind you. Bring on the fights and blood I say! :D( Yus... =w= I'm a dweeb deal with it)

5. I'm not picky about who my partner plays all I ask is not make your characters overgodly

6. and I'd like maybe someone who is a constant bored person as myself as a speedy poster is what I really want so I don't lose my mind x.x :)

7. this is gonna suck but I'm lacking in the plot area so those who reply please don't be afraid to toss your ideas to me and maybe we can work out something

6. Genres I like are Fantasy, shonen, sci-fi, action, romance(with a few others from this list mixed in), feudal, future ect so on and so on so please don't be afraid to bring up plots with any of these or other genres i like too many to list them all here ugh.

Well that's all about my dorky self I got a buncha free time so come on and pile on da ideas peeps I'm dying here! Literally I think I have a halo at this point =w=
I am interested to start up something.

Question is what is it that you usually like to play?
It is hard to think of something just going off of those genres that you like.
Hmm what do you mean? I have no plots just start throwing me ideas is what I meant :)
I would be interested in kicking up a story with you. The couple of RP's i am in now i am playing the male, so i am looking for a female role
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