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  1. So, I lead a busy life, working full time, taking care of a 9-month old, and trying to keep my house clean. So, when I have some down-time, which I'll admit is usually only about once a day, I'd like to be able to log onto my computer and type mindlessly into it. In short, I need something that I don't have to think too hard about.

    Things to know:
    -I usually only play male characters
    -My character may or may not reciprocate any feelings yours might have (don't take it personally)
    -I do occasionally do smut scenes, though I try to limit yaoi/yuri
    -I LOVE fantasy. This includes werewolves, vampires, anything mythical really
    -The year does not matter to me; it could be medieval times or modern

    I'm also only good at making up a plot as we go unless you want to take the lead on it.
  2. Heh heh, nice Anita Blake quote. Guess what, Solitae, you should go join the group Demons Anonymous. Then check out the Writer/Mature Resume of everyone there who posted within a week. PMing one of them and introducing myself was the best thing I ever did to get started.
    Even though some of the active threads have gotten 3 days old - I think the most active mun is down with sickness - it's usually lively with a responses-daily pace.

    Your resume lists being kidnapped or kidnapper as a perk. You also mention being submissive, and either female or male - fine with me. I'm already the kidnapper in something epic <3 but what if you're a victim and... I'm a male or female wereleopard victim, who is... acting as badly to you as the real captors because I'm also captured, just as badly threatened as you are, but cooperating. I like tension more than brutality so I don't need to write major awful things happening, but something like the Reina era where weres/shifters are abducted for films or pets by people who think they can handle them would be the IMPLIED fate. Plus, I think the twist of "I'm only doing this because you just heard them threaten to turn me into a slice-n-dice" could be a sympathy angle for our two to fall in love.
  3. That sounds rather interesting to me. You've stated on your Mature Resume that you prefer Yaoi, rather than straight. I would be quite all right with that. :D I like the plot idea you've come up with and would very interested in starting this. Simply tell me if you would like to start or if I should.

    Also, thank you for your suggestion to Demons Anonymous. I've joined and will start looking through the threads very shortly.