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  1. Idea:
    (gay [preferably])

    Basically, I wanted to play a character who had a robot at his disposal. He lives in his home and doesn't leave because he has serious issues and doesn't like his appearance, etc. He basically believes the world is out to get him. So, he built a robot to go out and do basic deeds for him. He can see everything done from his computer monitor, of which he sees through the robots eyes. The robot looks just like him, and no one can tell it is a non living object when they talk to it, spend time with it, etc. Moving on. One day, a man sees the robot and thinks it is a very attractive person. They start spending time around each other and then person B realizes how unnaturally cold the bots skin is. He then comes to the realization it's just a robot and the real person is somewhere out in the world.

    So, as person B is earning person A's trust, it is revealed that the monarchy is after person B (for reasons we can discuss in PM). Person A feels compelled to protect him, so gives him the directions to his home, saying it's a safe house. He hides out in he basement as person B lives in the house, unknowing that his companion is actually there.