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  1. I would like to do a rp based around a specific character. More specifically, this character needs to find a mate and continue on with his life, so it'll be partly a romance and partly scifi because he's a genetic experiment with wings. I ask that the other character be female and either one of his own kind or a normal human and between the ages of 16 and 19, as that will determine his age as well as how the story begins.
    I apologize for any strangeness in this or in beginning the rp, as I am new here, and hope to start rping very soon.
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  2. Hello! I think I can pull off using the requirements you asked for.

  3. Alright, so did you want to use a character of his own kind? Or a normal human?
  4. this is a grand idea for an rp
    i would like to be apart of it and im pretty good at drawing almost anything so i could help with character designs
  5. Hm . . . A normal human would probably be better for me. When joining rps I never use a character that's part of a species made up for that particular rp, mainly because I don't know the species customs and such as well as I know a humans. XD I just don't want to mess up with these things, you know?
  6. fancy sock i noticed you dont have an avatar i got a couple of spares you can borrow
  7. Well- I don't change it because I'm not displeased with it. Though the symbol doesn't display my actual gender, I don't really have a reason to change it. XD Thanks for the offer though.
  8. Yeah, that's good. So could you send me or post a character description? I ask that the character not have been "with" anyone before and be more of a "good girl" as my character's kind are rather distrustful of humans in general and look down on those that they find to have questionable morals even more.
  9. Thank, that'd be helpful.
    I've got a few characters in this "kind" as well, if you'd like to rp.
  10. how bout this

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  11. I have a character like that.

    Name: Rockelle Bronzale
    Age: 18
    Personality: Naive, easily scared.
  12. (@Aristotle If you were talking to me when you posted that file, no thanks.)
  13. Alright. So how shall they meet? I was thinking either he saves her from some kind of danger, or she just happens upon him while he's trying to rest in a tree.
  14. Hm . . . I like the former. So, can I have an explanation of the setting?
  15. Sure.. I was thinking it'd be set sort of at the edge of a city, in a sort of park like area where he'd be staying and notice she's in trouble. It'd be somewhere in the northeastern US, though not specified at least at first, since that's the climate I'm familiar with, in the fall, and slightly into the future. I'm not exactly 100% sure on setting, so if you have suggestions I'd very much appreciate them.
    So what sort of danger should she be in?
  16. Hm . . . Perhaps someone trying to kidnap her? It's not the most concrete idea, but it would definitely compel someone to help.
  17. That'd work, all he'd know is that someone appeared to be attacking her.
    So, could we start it now? Where do you think it'd go on this site? And do you want to start it, or give me a title to use? I'm really bad at making titles.
  18. Well it seems to be romance in general. So the romance folder would probably fit it best. And An idea for the title "Experemental Experiences" Because he's a genetic experiment. That's the best I have for the title <_>
  19. Alright, it will be made shortly. :)
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