Need someone to play as Sonic The Hedgehog (romance)

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  1. Hey everyone, I am looking for Sonic The Hedgehog fans that can play Sonic really well! What I am thinking of is a romantic roleplay with a character of my own invention.
    Im pretty sure her name is going to be Jewel or Jenna, not sure yet but if you have any suggestions let me know!
    Anyway here are the romantic stories that I want Sonic to get involved with her.

    Story 1: My character just woke up on Earth, not knowing who she is, but then sees Eggman terrorizing some citizens for money! She jumps in to rescue them and as she continues to fight evil Sonic starts to notice and at first appreciates her that is until people starts praising her more than him! Filled with jelousy he sees her as some sort of threat so he befriends her to spy on her but then starts to fall in love.

    Story 2: Trying to stop Sonic from destroying his plan, Eggman releases a massive energy beam...and in the center powering the whole thing is my character who has been trapped in a crystal!
    Feeling in love at first sight, Sonic tries to find a way to get her out but how will she respond to the new world?

    Story 3: My character, an experiment designed by Eggman has been released to track down Sonic and bring him to the villian! However, when she arrives she is greeted by friendship! Something she has never experienced before! As the orders from Eggman become stronger, my character fights to stay in control...but as you figure out shes an experiment you find a way to rescue her as you figure out your feelings for my character!

    If you have any other suggestions let me know! Or if you want to try any of these stories let me know also!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.