Need someone to make a base into my character

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  1. So, like the title suggests, I need help.

    I need somebody who can turn an RPC base I found on DA into my character. I have no way to pay for you, but I will allow you to post the edited image onto DA, as long as you credit the person who made the base ((Not me)).

    If you edit it for me, send it via a conversation.

    Short Spiky Brown Hair.
    Bright Blue Eyes with Split Iris'
    Skin tight sleeveless muscle shirt.
    Denim jeans.
    Scar across left eye
    Tan skin.

    Plz. If you edit this for me, Keep the base-makers mark at the top of the image.

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  2. Hey, I'm going to move this into the art area for you so this'll be seen :)
  3. Your art is amazing but no thank you, I'd like this character be in the form of anime. I don't want it appearing too real.
  4. That's fine; we all have our tastes :P.