Need someone for romance/drama role play

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  1. So I had two ideas of a role play!

    Number 1 (for women roles)

    - Your at a beautiful beach house with your family for an arranged marriage with a jerk you don't love! It was a week until the wedding and the first day there you meet someone who is completely amazing to you! However, leaving your husband for another man meant disgrace to your family! Would you choose love and happiness, or depression?

    Number 2 (for men roles)

    -Your at a beautiful beach island but discover that men have the final say and the women obey!

    When you walk into the beach house (or island) this is what you see

    Beyond the doors this is what you see

    Here's the pool room!

    Every room looks like this
  2. Hi i may be interested in the male role in this, want to discuss?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.