Need some romance.

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  1. So been off the site for a bit but I'm back!

    I'm in the mood to do a romantic role play, I'm thinking something in fantasy really. Magic, some kind of powers. I like to leave all the detail in discussion because sometimes people have awesome ideas that just go together.

    I can play either female or male, I do prefer female but its okay if not.

    Opposites attract
    Broken hearts
    Human and Magical being
    Or just normal that find one another

    Feel free to comment here or pm me. I look forward to hearing from you.
  2. Hi I'm interested!
    Is it okay if I'm female? I can play make as a second character but I'm rusty on males
    What your idea on opposite attracts?
  3. I don't mind playing male. Opposites attract could be two very different people coming together, like a risk taker that is grounded by a gentle soul type thing. Or apposing families like Romeo and Juliet, but honestly I don't really like the Romeo and Juliet type thing.
  4. What about an scp love story?
  5. I like the risk taker and gentle soul one!
  6. SCP love?
  7. Why does no one know about scp
    Secure contain protect
  8. Hi! I'd be interested in the opposites attract and I could play male or female :) let me know if you're still looking
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.