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Hey guys! I'm in the mood for some Romance RP's. I have some Ideas, but post below anyway if you have an Idea for one! I would love to roleplay with someone! Especially ones who write replies promptly. If you are one of these people, I want to RP with you! I roleplay females mostly, but I can roleplay males as well. Well, here are my ideas! If you like them, reply to this thread or reply to it and tell me your idea!

Human x Demon - (Ideas are negotiable)

Human Prince X Female Demon - (Ideas are negotiable)

(She was always bullied because of her small stature. Her weak little arms...At least until her prince came along. He always showed up at the right time, saving her and protecting her. Would she ever find out who this is and why he is protecting her? Is he a childhood friend? A random man? She has no idea, but she wants to find out.....badly...)

Demon Maid X Human Male
She owed this human her life at least for releasing her from Hell. She hated that place. No one respected, admired, or even looked at her. At least not until he came knocking at her door...(metaphorically speaking). Now she had a human male with which she owed him her life. But life sacrificing would have to wait, because he's the owner of a multi-million dollar company and he's not keen on dying just yet. Hence why he has a Demon eliminate all threats of people wanting his position as C.E.O. But can she keep her feelings for him in check or will they weaken her to the point where he throws her away? (Just an Idea. Let me know if you want to change this around at all! Except for HumanXHuman. I'd like that to stay the same if at all possible)

Let me know if any of these Ideas appeal to you! And I only play Straight couples. Just a heads up.


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I'm good for any of these, that is if you don't mind me here.

That guy named Ed

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I like the last two and im online every day unless my internet goes down(rarely)
Im also sort of a newbie, and im a speed poster, and im a male ;p