Need some partners for some Romance rps Please! D:

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  1. I have been away for a while because life and work got busy but I hurt my ankle a couple weeks ago and I'm still down and out of work so I figured it's time to get back to doing something I love to do. So here are a couple rp ideas I have, if you are interested in any PM me or comment below. Also I prefer to play as the female character, but will play the male character if you that is what you prefer, I am rather flexible.

    - Forbidden love --> Royalty x Servant = Royal character finds out they are engaged to be married to someone they feel as if they could never love, they seek romance but their feelings are towards their personal servant, who secretly feels the same towards their master.

    -Brother x Sister romance --> Big brother just arrives home from college for the summer, he hasn't been home in what seems like forever. Upon his arrival he comes to see that his younger sister has grown and matured a lot into a beautiful young woman, and he starts to get feelings he never knew existed for her. She on the other hand had always seen what a hunk her big brother was and had a crush on him since they were little kids. She was always so jealous when she saw him dating other girls, but now that she knew he was single and he was home for the summer maybe she could somehow get his attention for the first time.

    - Student x Teacher romance --> Could be High School or College and it's pretty self explanatory? I can't think of any main story lines at the moment but I'd love to brain storm a couple :)
  2. Be my hero and do the brother sister thing with me! Pleaaaase! :3
  3. Forbidden Love? Very interested. :)
  4. I may have an idea for the student x teacher rp if you are interested.

    Oh and you're running out of pairings.
  5. Damn, all the pairings were taken
  6. I'd be like sure but I'm already RPing with ya XD
  7. i want to play forbidden love RP with you but they're all taken.. QQ
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.