Need Some New Rps



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So here I am again asking for new partners. I've been here for some time and I get super bored. If you're wondering when I'll reply, I reply as quick as possible. Of course if I'm at school, then you'll have to wait a few hours, sorry. But after 3 or 4 o'clock I'll be free, if I'm not, I'll notify you. Now I am a theatre kid, so I am in shows once in a while, but nothing that'll take up my time.

Now onto the more important stuff:
I'm really big on the romance. I don't know why, maybe it's because I've never really had a relationship or whatever. IDK but, I am big on it. I'm big on paranormal too. Yes, that includes vampires, but the traditional vampires, maybe not the sleeping in a coffin, but pretty traditional.

More tid bits:
I primarily play the female character. Frankly, because I don't play male characters well at all. And sadly my relationships are strictly M/F. I'm also big on the teenage stuff because...well I am a teenager and I don't feel that I should age any character since I don't know what it's like to be an aged character.

If you're interested just post a comment here or PM me, I don't bite. Thanks for your time.
I'd do a RP with you if you are interested, however I was wondering what gender you prefer to play. I can play either but I prefer playing female when it comes to romance...I have a bad habit of making any male I play gay >.> still don't got that male character down just yet XD. Anyway, I'm game for any ideas and I can come up with some as well if I need too so I'm ready when you are!
Aw that sucks. I primarily play the female character too. and I'm not big into the Yaoi and Yuri stuff :(
Aww darn, that stinks. Well, I hope you find someone to RP with soon then. Sorry that I couldn't help ya >.<
I could play a male character ^^
@redblood that's awesome, PM me with story ideas or anything ^.^

@Bean in Jeans, Unfortunately I'm horrible at doing period role plays because I'm never historically accurate. :( sorry.
I can roleplay with you! Throw me a Pm with your ideas! I can play male characters too, depending on the type of male character you want, so just throw me a PM and i'll gladly roleplay with you. ^^ :grateful: