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  1. I'm looking for some more roleplays to fill my days.

    I do care that you post at least a paragraph. (5-7 sentences.)


    I would prefer to play sub or switch.
    Though if you would like we can double up.
    It can be straight up smut or it can be an equal amount of smut and plot.


    Prince x Knight/Assassin/Pirate
    Experiment x Scientist/Experiment/Normal/Guard
    Summoned x Summoner
    Master x Slave
    Dragon x Prince
    Famous x childhood friend/ nobody
    Neko/Inu x human
    Demon x exorcist
    Vampire x human

    Plot candies:

    Modern fantasy
    Zombie Apocalypse
    Post Apocalypse

    I'm open to all ideas.

    Movie/Game base plots anyone? (Will only do OC's, except games)

    Warm bodies
    The Purge
    The Last of Us
    Resident Evil (Any)
    Tales of series
    Final fantasy
    Legend of Dragoon

  2. id be open for the princeXpirate pairing :) id like to be the pirate if you dont mind
  3. Oh I would love to!
  4. i would prefer somewhat of a plot though. unless you're ok with something out of a book ive read called bloody jack or pirates of the carribean (sorry for crappy spelling) i would like if you could help with plot ideas :)
  5. Im Interested in doing a zombie apocalypse setting. We could do a zombie experiment thats not so brain dead or something along those lines. I want to do something different
  6. I'm interested in a rp I've been dying to play out. S&M Femdom. A little plot but don't know where it would go, kinda half backed. I'm okay with smut extreme detail, yet I wouldn't go into gory sex like wax or clamps or such. Set in a slave trade kind of world, open for ideas to fill in the blanks? I'd more than likely play the male sub
  7. Hey thar :3! I would very much like to do a ExperimentxGuard plot with you, if you are up to it? MxM, please :)!
  8. @Tatine Sure! If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them through PM.
  9. Herro~! How about a prince x prince rp if thats okay? We can do a mix and match with genres ^u^
  10. Summoned x Summoner
    Master x Slave
    Dragon x Prince
    Famous x childhood friend/ nobody
    Neko/Inu x human

    All of the pairings above, caught my interest and I would love to grant your wishes, as well as my own! If you are still open for rp partners, I would like to butt in~ :genie:
  11. @The Genie oh you have chosen very good ones, hmmmm.
  12. Let us see here, what to add to my list.
  13. Hello! I got this cute idea of a dragon trying to woo a prince with dubious success. You in?
  14. I am so in. :3
Thread Status:
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