GROUP RP PLOTTING Need Some Help With an Idea

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  1. Now, I am not even sure if this is the place to post this work in progress. The progress is at about a solid 0%. I only have a bunch of ideas. The thing is, I need someone with more experience with setting up a fantasy role play thread, if this is possible. Now to my idea:

    As I mentioned, it is fantasy. The next part which might send this spiraling into the abyss is the one major requirement one has to posses. A knowledge of the universe of Albion, the land of the series Fable. Now, it is no secret that Fable III and Fable: The Journey weren't exactly the best of games. And even I haven't gotten myself to read the books that are based on the series. I was hoping to stick to the video game lore mostly. This means the games:

    *Fable: The Lost Chapters
    *Fable II
    *Fable III

    Now, I don't mean to set this role play in that time span, but instead into the future of them, excluding the most recent title release because of reasons. I had an idea that the last great Hero of Albion (Fable III hero) after defeating the Crawler set the world in piece. Down the road she/he had found away to use the guild seal to transfer their powers to not just their children. Of course, their one child does become a hero, but so does a select amount of close trusted children of the King/Queen's friends. This meant a great protection for Albion against anything else that would threaten it. Now since we are dumping F:TJ the perfect enemy would be a alternate timeline of The Corrupter.

    That's about all I want to share for now.

    Character sheets would be pretty simple. Along the lines of gender, age, where you live within Albion, class rank, hero abilities, and of course companion.

    Well it would be amazing if I could find many people who shared their love of Fable with me, and one to help me set it up. I do appear lazy to ask for assistance but I am calling it site ignorance. I just believe it would be great to start up a thriving Fable role play.

    Well that is all, for now. Have a good one!