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  1. I have a couple idea's that I am craving. I am rather sporadic with my posting due to a very busy and random schedule. I write 2-3 paragraphs sometimes more if I am really into said roleplay. Normally I play the dominant role but I am also looking to play the submissive for certain plots. If you have any questions feel free to ask away.

    Plot 1:
    Kingson is a young rich bachelor, he doesn't talk much and is seen as very dark by all his co-workers. But what they really hate about him is that he is only 20 but he inherited a multi-million dollar company. His father new he was sick but didn't tell anyone, but with the confidentiality of his lawyers he created a Will, that stated his company was to go to his son when he died. He was completely aware that his son would be very young when he inherited it but he trusted him even though his son was very different, didn't talk much, he always showed true potential. Now that Kingson owns a company and is the last living blood relative of the business. He also got the same illness his mother and father died from. He new his father wouldn't want him to leave the business to some stranger so.. he adopts a kid that's only two years younger than him. The kids life wasn't exactly easy he was taken from an abusive home and all he wants is to be loved. So when he is taken in by a boy who doesn't speak much and barely ever shows emotions he is very disappointed and tries his best to make Kingson love him. (this will most likely end in character death)

    Plot 2:
    T.J is the son of the former president and is known for being a trouble child. When he was 17 he was outed as being gay when the boy he was with at the time sold pictures of them together. The next few years were hell as he was faced with hate and his father began to blame him for his lowering poll numbers. So he did the only thing he though would help, he turned to drugs some nights completely losing himself which is exactly what he needs. The press of course ate this up, reporting on the Presidents failed parenting job and making T.J want to disappear off of the face of the earth. Then suddenly it seemed to stop, mostly because the press just got bored of reporting on the drug addicted T.J. However the damage as already done and T.J could not be reached even by his older brother.
    ((this is where I come to a pause, because I either want this between his brother and him. Where his brother is trying desperately to get through to his brother because he loves him. Perhaps more than he should)
    Or ____ is just your normal guy, he had seen the articles about TJ and had always felt bad for the kid wishing he could help him, he also had a rather large crush on the 'celebrity'. For awhile now he had been talking to this guy on a app that connects you to people close to you who are looking for some fun. One night he gets a message from this guy he was falling for asking him to come to his house, that he wanted to see him tonight. Without hesitation he left and went to the address he was given but when the doors opened he was frozen with shock as he saw the Famous T.J standing there obviously high with no shirt on. He was pulled inside and they had a night to remember.
    The next morning _____ laid there in shock that he just slept with his celebrity crush and T.J was just as shocked as last night was the first time he had sex and it didn't feel like it was just for the pleasure. _____ asked if they could meet again and before T.J new what he was saying he agreed, but they had to keep it on the down low for two reasons. One ____ is married and two if the press found out T.J was sleeping with a married man it would mean more bad press. So they began to see one another in secret and they began to get closer and closer, T.J shared things with ___ that the press didn't even know and _____ began to slowly try and break T.J's drug addictions. However how long will this last until something happens to tear it all apart?

    Plot 3:
    _____ and Jason are twins and have been inseparable since they were little. However Jason has been extremely sickly since birth, sometimes becoming so sick that his family was scared they would lose him. _____ always took care of his brother and while he was taking care of him he realized that he cared a bit too much for his brother. He tried his best to hide it but as Jason is slowly getting better and _____ feels like he is going to lose him with their impending graduation date and Jason looking at college he begins to feel a bit desperate. So he decides that the only solution is to make sure Jason doesn't get better, that he is always reliant on ______. He drugs his brother the day after their graduation and keeps him hidden away for just him.
    (this idea wasn't an original of mine. I was supposed to do this with someone else but it never happened so yeah))

    Plot 4:
    Bennet and ____ have been best friends since they were kids, they did everything together but because Bennet is three years older than ___ they ended up getting separated a lot whenever a new school year started. But they made it work. Even when Bennet left for college he made sure to come and visit ____ all the time. Everything seems fine between the both of them but they are both keeping a secret from one another. Bennet has cancer, he doesn't know how much longer he has but he knows that he wants to spend as much time as he possibly can with _____ because he loves him more than just a friend. So he begins to come around more often, which is when he notices that his best friend is acting differently, hiding something from him. Turns out ____'s father has turned to the bottle ever since his mom left... and he has been taking it out on _____.
    (this will be a romance filled with angst, obviously XD))

    I also really want to do a ministers son x bad boy rp
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  2. Plot 5:
    Jaxon and ____ have been together for a very long time, they are completely in love and would do anything for one another. There relationship was a bit strained due to Jaxon's job but they always made it work, he is a marine and is constantly sent over sea's. ______ is constantly worrying about him, frightened he isn't going to come home but somehow Jaxon always finds his way back to _____. However after his last tour he was promised a several year break, which he was very much looking forward to spending with _____. Jaxon had been planning on proposing to ____ but then after just a year and a half that promise from his employers was broken due to the eruption of the new terrorist group ISIS. he, along with several Special OPs men, were recruited to try and infiltrate and take down ISIS. He was given a twenty four hour notice and in that time he had to say his goodbyes to _____. He promised to come home to him, like he always does but just in case he took a little time to himself to write a goodbye letter, and leave the engagement ring in the letter... in case he actually didn't return.
    Months past, and _____ hadn't heard a word from anyone about his boyfriend. Then he got a knock on his door that changed his life forever. Men dressed in uniforms stood at his front door with a forlorn look on their face and informed him that Jaxon's troupe had been compromised and taken by Isis. It was not confirmed if they were dead but the likelihood of them coming back was slim to none. Before the men left he was given an envelope that Jaxon had given to them just in case something like this happened. In the letter Jaxon poured his heart out, telling the other how much he loved him and how he would always be with him if something bad had happened, he even mentioned his decision to propose to him and in that little white envelope was the golden engagement ring that Jaxon had spent months picking out.
    ______ fell into a terrible depression, and for a year he would hit bars, drink, and go home with strange men. after a year and a half the dirnking stopped but the sleeping around didn't. Then he got the call, telling him that they found Jaxon, the soul survivor of his group. He had managed to escape and get out of enemy lines. He was in bad shape but he was alive.

    ((so the rp will start from here, with Jaxon coming home and _____ not having the strength to tell him that he had slept around and both of them dealing with Jaxon's very bad PTSD)

    Plot 6:
    _____ is the oldest son of the king and as a child he was extremely secluded because the rival kingdom would do anything to kill the future king. However he did manage to make one friend, a young orphan boy he caught stealing from his kitchen. But instead of calling his guards to take him away he offered a helping hand to the orphan, telling him that he could come by whenever he needed food or a place to sleep. of course this all had to stay secret since his father would never allow ____ to hang around a peasant. They soon became best friends, and spent as much time as they could sneak in. For years they snuck around in the gardens of the castle, sometimes ____ even snuck Oliver inside of the castle, which was extremely risky for the both of them. he found out that Oliver was the apprentice of a blacksmith and lived at one of the orphanages in the small town just a mile away from the kingdom, the town is in incredibly bad shape due to the war between the two kingoms. ____ promised Oliver that when he was king he would bring the kingdom back to it's former glory and wouldn't allow his people to suffer the way his father allowed.
    Then the unspeakable happened, there was an attack on the village and everything burned. ___ waited for weeks for Oliver to return but he never did... for all he knew his one and only friend was dead. Years passed and it was now time or _____ to take his fathers place as king, but it's not as simple as coronation and a crown put on his head. Over those years the two kingdoms came to an agreement that they would unite instead of fight. So ____ is betrothed to the kings eldest daughter and he is to travel to the other kingdom for the wedding. Of course the King is no fool, he knows that his son will be mark for assassination because many do not want this wedding to take place. So he hires a guard. But this isn't any ordinary man he has hired, no one has seen his face, and those who have don't live long enough to explain what he looks like beneath the hood he wears. He is an assassin and a killer but he is also the only person who could 100 percent ensure his sons safety because he never fails a job. It takes awhile but he finally manages to hire the hooded assassin. ______ is not exactly happy about this, he does not want to marry the daughter of the king that killed hundreds of his people (including the only person he has ever considered a friend) and he doesn't want some guard following his every move. But he sucks it up and what he doesn't know is that this guard... is his supposedly dead friend Oliver.
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  3. I would love to do plot 4 or Minesters son x Bad boy
    I also would like to play the submisive.

    Other then that I only have one requirement 50to50 on plot x porn, preferably more romance and plot then porn.
  4. Lol as well as plot 5 wich just popped up on the screen for me.
  5. I would LOVE to do Plot 4, I have been dieing to do that one for a long time now. and I want to be the dominant in that one so it works out.
    Also I am good with more romance/plot than porn ^^
    I'll make the thread with a quick character sheet and a starter post, you good with real images for our CS's or do you prefer anime?
  6. oh damn, hmmm I really want to do that one too. Which would you prefer of the two?
  7. How bout plot 4 for know and Mabey plot 5 later. I'll let you get it started, anime always has semmed to look nicer on Cs's for me. Oh and don't spoil you're charecters while personality I love to watch them flourish to life in the roleplay instead of being glued to there original Cs sheet personality. Once you get the roleplay up tag me in and I'll work on my CS.
  8. Lol I said while personality
    I ment personality while, haha
  9. Okay i'll get right on that ^^
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