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  1. Hello everyone Onyx here and I am extremely bored. I have been in need of roleplays and it needs to a constant flow. At least multiple replies in a day. I have a lot of free time and I have no other way to spend it.

    Just about everything goes except for MxM. I do not and I repeat myself DO NOT do yaoi. I am very adamant about this and I will not change my position on the subject. No regular life stuff either. I enjoy a good SciFi or Fantasy using mystical creatures like vampires( that don't sparkle), fallen angels, demons, etc.

    Please and thank you. I will be on and off all day for just about every day.
  2. Did you have anything in mind?
  3. No. Sometimes I like to just let the plot unfold as I go.
  4. I'll role play with you, then. :D
  5. Yay thank you
  6. Are you still looking for partners??
  7. Well I have an FxF fallen angel idea if you want.
  8. I am basically on and off everyday as well so I would love to role-play with you and plot and etc. :3
  9. @Kit_Sparks Sure I just need to make a female fallen angel

    @EMajyyks Awesome do you have an idea?
  10. Okay. I'll have to make one too.
  11. I have this Vampire x Sire idea and this vague Sci-fi one maybe...
  12. Pick the one you want to do the most. @EMajyyks
  13. @Kit_Sparks I sent a pm of the short character sheet
  14. Probably the Vampire x Sire idea -- would you like to do MxF or FxF?
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  15. I can do either. I rp both genders equally
  16. I'm better at female. Should I PM you about my idea? :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.