Need roleplay ><

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  1. I've roleplayed before,but never on here. :D
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  2. hello and welcome to the site and if you have me i would like to rp with you
  3. Thanks! :3 Of course I'll roleplay with you!
    What type of roleplay? :D
  4. Well hello there and welcome to the community! :D
  5. ii like all kinds but lets talk though pm
  6. KK,Thank you very much!
  7. ... Some introduction.... Welcome to Iwaku miss lady Kirkland!
    May I suggest the Signups and Plot discussions? You'd likely find something there.
    Happy roleplaying by the way.
  8. Welcome to Iwaku. i'm Gabriel how you do
  9. Thank you very much,both of you. I have been looking,but thank you for the suggestion. Roleplaying is always happy!
    Hello Gabriel,it is my pleasure to meet you!
  10. A pleasure to meet you, Miss. Would you be interested in a OnexOne RP with me? Message me if you are interested and we can begin one.
  11. *Appears beside you and waves politely and smiles showing cat like teeth* Hello there. I am Hiroki Shoma. Welcome to Iwaku! *Hands you a golden card with my name and Info written on it* Everybody wants a friend when they are new. If you accept my offer let me know. *Waves once more before vanishing*
  12. (I'm really sorry for not replying! I didn't notice it! ;-; Please forgive me.)
    Thank you! ^^