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Hello! Since I have nothing better to do, I might as well set up a little partner look out thing. I'm looking for some pretty cool partners who are ready to write something out with me.

I'm willing to play any role . Agressive/submissive, or male/female. I have experience in both roles and I am glad to play any gender. My pairings are typically fxm, but I do not mind playing out mxm or fxf role-plays.

Glance at my resume if you want any other info I don't supply!

Important Guidelines

  • There's a chance some of the rp's might last a while. Depending on how good some of these role-plays are, they may last a while. Be ready to be in a long-lasting rp. Catch my drift?
  • 13-17 Only. There may be some sexual content, and I don't think anyone deserves to get in trouble for that/not knowing. Sorry ,18+ people.
  • I am getting into the jist of things. This is going to be my first RP, and it feels like a huge step to me. Be patient while I wander around like a chicken with its head cut off as I get through my n00b stage here.
  • Please notify me if you are going to be absent for long periods of time or if you're simply going to quit. If you let me know when you're gonna be gone, I'll let you know when I'm gonna be gone; simple as that.
  • I don't 100% care about your writing skill. As long as we can both exchange a few sentences that clearly explain what is happening, I am happy.
  • HAVE FUN! Don't be afraid to discuss with me about any ideas you have. We're both the directors of a play, which means I can't hog the megaphone myself!
  • Prompt answers are best! If you can maintain a good reply rate, I'd be the happiest thing on the planet earth!


RP Ideas

- *My preferred role
-#A roleplay I LOVE

To be honest, if you were to suggest something I would not mind one bit!

In a world so corrupted that anyone who live above the world is either a slave, or a factory owner, the underground is the only place free of the chain ridden surface. After a horrific incident in one of the machines imploding and causing the building to crash down, FREEDSLAVE makes their way into an abandoned town. KNIGHT finds them there and shows them the ways of the underground. The only thing is, the underground is full of mercenaries and people full of a disease known as "Terror". The disease lives both above and below, slowly manifesting the host until they burst out with a dark energy. During this period of time, a person can be saved if someone is to go in and destroy the manifested "Terror" that comes in different shapes and sizes. FREEDSLAVE joins KNIGHT in their escapades, freeing people of their "Terror" and bonding with KNIGHT. The only issue, is that FREEDSLAVE is secretly hiding their disease, gained from the factory. They have their own reason for fear, and don't want KNIGHT and their crew to know. Will FREEDSLAVE's disease destroy the possible relationship between KNIGHT and FREEDSLAVE?
HUMAN once lived in a junktrunk planet that lived by scavenging and searching for anything that could be useful. HUMAN lived by their own rules until they were invited to participate in a science experiment on a ship. Gladly accepting this opportunity, HUMAN began their job as a human guinea pig. At one point, something goes horribly wrong in one of the experiments, and a raging bio-weapon disease is spread out into the ship. AI steps in and takes the remaining subject that isn't infected, which just so happens to be HUMAN. AI guides HUMAN through the adventure of making their way through the ship to the self-destruct area where they can manually blow up the ship and escape through a pod. HUMAN slowly but surely gains feelings for AI through this process, even if they're busy bashing in the heads of horribly disfigured experiments. Will HUMAN ever tell AI the truth? Will AI be able to accept this new found love?
PUNKBIKER lives a wild life. Going town to town to live at the highest point in their life with their biker gang. They typically do as they please, which includes drugs, babes, and tons of crazy stunts. In their world of danger, they see no point of returning back to any sort of settled down life, seeing as to how they already are having fun. They make a living off of the streets, selling all types of alcohol and drugs to other people, for the sake of making an extra buck and having fun. In one specific town hop though, they find themselves caught up by the look some chick had given them as they sped by. Eventually PUNKBIKER runs into them again after getting up from a hangover at a nearby hotel. NAIVECITY introduces themselves, and welcomes PUNKBIKER into their home to give them a moment to relax. NAIVECITY is simply trying to make it on their own in their newly rented apartment. Juggling a job and paying the bills is practically all they do, nothing too interesting. PUNKBIKER can't help but feel as if they need NAIVECITY with them and their biker gang. Will PUNKBIKER ask NAIVECITY to join their biker gang and live a life on the dangerous side? Will NAIVECITY be able to accept their new lifestlye?
CYBORG goes about their day trading goods and such in their inter-planetary cargo ship. They deliver supplies planet to planet and trade off all sorts of things to different races. In a horrific incident, CYBORG's ship is robbed of everything, and CYBORG is left maimed and damaged. CYBORG awakens to see nothing but darkness, until someone turns on the light. MECHANIC rushes into the scene with their tools, beginning to repair and tune up the broken and beat up CYBORG. Not realizing CYBORG is awake, MECHANIC goes about their job as if it's nobody's business until CYBORG speaks out. MECHANIC reassures CYBORG, telling them that something horrible had happened and they were going to do their job. Once CYBORG is moved into the safe haven of MECHANIC's home, they realize they had something they didn't think they had. Feelings! MECHANIC goes about their day, still continuing to repair and bring back the mobility of the paraplegic CYBORG. Will the shy CYBORG explain their feelings to MECHANIC? And will MECHANIC fall in love with CYBORG?
HUMAN is your typical human. A bird free from the nest for their first time, HUMAN tries to make it on their own with their new piece of land and mini-market. Their constant struggle and bad luck lead them to believe that they may not be cut out to be a farmer, and takes on the job of being a mercenary. HUMAN now begins to live their life as a 'happy' mercenary. Too bad by 'happy' I mean they do back-breaking work for other people who pay them. HUMAN leads a hard-working life doing everyday things for other people, until someone pays them a visit. GODLY exposes themselves to HUMAN, saying they admire the diligence HUMAN has shown and wishes for them to join them in the heavens and be their heavenly servant. HUMAN gladly accepts, being brought up to live with the gods and GODLY. HUMAN receives heavy criticism by the other gods, being poked at for silly things like being too 'scrawny' or making food 'taste funny'. HUMAN takes the abuse, but continues their work for GODLY. GODLY has to deal with the constant stress of their heavenly duties, but begins to notice something growing between them and their servant. Will HUMAN or GODLY speak up first about their growing relationship? Will the other gods object to the relationship between HUMAN and GODLY?


To Conclude

Well, if anyone wants to discuss RP ideas or take me up on one of my offers above, please let me know IN THIS THREAD. I'll be glad to answer any questions you have!~<3

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Hey Sable :) we should do the punkbikerxnaivecity plot yeah~? It sounds really fun.


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Godess and Human! Will you be my assistant :3?


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Can we do the CyborgXMechanic RP? :3
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