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  1. Okay so I'm going to tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Dawn and I am looking for a buddy. I'm a chilled laid-back kind of girl I suppose. I like art, nature, and photography pretty much. When it comes to my roleplay's, I like to be really descriptive. I'm kind of looking for a buddy who'd be on almost everyday.

    Roleplay genre's I'm interested in[​IMG].
    Horror - It depends what sort of horror we're talking about. I really like supernatural horrors. I don't have any interest in[​IMG] action horrors. I find body horrors quite exciting. One of my favorite sub horror genres is psychological horrors. Ya'know? Anything with ghosts, demons, ect. I'm also into zombies and slashers too.

    Fantasy - Anything and I mean absolutely anything. It could be to do with angels, demons, elf's (love elf's), witches, princess's. Anything!

    I also like adventure, romance, anime, fandom, fable, and libertine.
    Drop me a pm.
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