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  1. -=PLOT=-

    The RP is set in St. John's Academy for Boys, an all-male Catholic school nestled in the resort town of Karuwari. MC is considered as the most popular student in the academy with his beguiling good looks and sharp wit but he's a bit of an ice prince and has been known to be cold and indifferent to others. However, there's a rumor going around the campus that MC is not what he seems. As the story goes, MC would sometimes show up in the dorms of students in the dead of the night and sleep with them without second thought.

    YC is starting a new year in St. John Nepomucene's along with his bestfriend. On their first night in the dorms, YC witnesses MC slipping into his bestfriend's bed. The next morning, YC is shocked to find out that his bestfriend has committed suicide by drowning himself.

    YC confronts MC about his bestfriend's death to which MC denies any involvement. When confronted about the fact that YC saw MC sleep with his bestfriend the night before his death, MC denies ever sleeping with anyone. As the days pass by, more and more students start turning up dead and all eyes are on MC as the cause of their demise. MC comes to YC and begs for his help to clear his name.

    "You saw what happened with your own eyes. You saw that other me..."


    -=ABOUT ME=-

    1. I'm at GMT+8:00 and I'm most active during the weekends.
    2. I can post at least 2-3 times a week.
    3. I'm not a fan of one liners and I hope you aren't too. My posts tend to be at least 4-5 sentences long with opening posts being longer.
    4. I will try my best to warn you if I will be gone for some time. I may not get the chance though if I'll be gone due to a weather-related issue. The place where I live is very prone to storms and whatnot.
    5. I am very open to questions and suggestions so feel free to message me anytime.
  2. Sounds interesting, I'm up for it.
  3. @PrinceofSpirals

    Thank you for showing interest in the plot PrinceofSpirals but unfortunately, someone has snagged it first and we're gonna be starting the RP soon. Gomen!


    Will be closing out this RP ad but thank you to everyone who read it and showed interest!
Thread Status:
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