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Hello all!:earth:

I have a soft love story that I've been wanting to play out for a while now. It's your typical love story between a robot and a valley girl. Slowly but surely, the valley girl falls in love with the robot, but how so? What sends off the love hormones? We decide.

    • This is going to last a while. I'm looking for someone who can hold on and write this out with me. This isn't some silly one-shot type of deal that ends up with them kissing and it ends there, it's going to be an adventurous type of deal. Catch my drift?​
    • 13-17 Only. There may be some sexual content, and I don't think anyone deserves to get in trouble for that/not knowing. Sorry ,18+ people.​
    • I am getting into the jist of things. This is going to be my first RP, and it feels like a huge step to me. Be patient while I wander around like a chicken with its head cut off as I get through my n00b stage here.​
    • Please notify me if you are going to be absent for long periods of time or if you're simply going to quit. If you let me know when you're gonna be gone, I'll let you know when I'm gonna be gone; simple as that.​
    • I don't 100% care about your writing skill. As long as we can both exchange a few sentences that clearly explain what is happening, I am happy.​
    • HAVE FUN! Don't be afraid to discuss with me about any ideas you have. We're both the directors of a play, which means I can't hog the megaphone myself!​

About The RP:

From the sky, something burst through the troposphere, appearing bright as a star and as large as a meteor. It barreled down from the midnight sky to a large field filled with grass. It hit the ground with a large clap, and continued to viciously roll on the surface until it came to a sudden halt. Smoke emitted around the area, coming off in waves of white hot gas. A figure was seen sitting up, then slamming back down. It could be heard groaning, as if it were humanoid.

A light in the distance turned on. The country house window illuminating. She had seen something, she didn't know what, come down from the sky and smash into the grass field. It was an incredibly brief but bright light show, and the sound of it whistling amongst the clouds had woken her up from her sleep. She slipped into her nightdress and stuffed her toes into some fragile slippers and dashed out into the open. She could see the white plume of smoke from a good few hundred feet, and began running towards it to investigate the scene.

There are the two characters, The Robot and the Valley Girl. I am fully prepared to play as either one. You are welcome to take the role of either one as long as you tell me.
I have the beginning laid out and everything is ready, but I just need a partner to do this with.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask away!
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