Need partner for longTerm roleplay F/F or F/M

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Which of these do you see yourself doing better/is your favorite?

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  1. I have a couple of ideas for a roleplay, I usually do romance roleplays so that's what most of these are about, but I would be glad to accommodate you and the type of roles you enjoy.

    1. Girl is forced by parents who are also her coaches to train to be an Olympic gymnast so it's the only life she really has. She meets ____ and her life of floor and beam routines is changed forever, turning her into a rebellious teen she's supposed to be.

    2. A girl comes from a small town/village mixed with those of upper, middle and lower class men. Being of the lower class she works a few different jobs throughout town. The prince/princess has been courting her from afar for a while now and wants to take her as his/her wife. But she isn't too keen on the idea.

    3. A girl/guy (preferably your character) is the most popular person in town and in the school. They have many friends and every girl wrapped around his/her finger.. Except for me. After an attempt at getting me to date you fails, your best friend makes a bet that you can get me to fall in love with for in a month or less.

    I prefer to play the female character, mostly because I suck at playing male. If anyone is interested please reply or leave me a PM!!
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  2. I'm interested in joining you, I can practise my romance RPing too.
  3. Hey, there! I would be interested in 1., playing the male character. PM me for details!

  4. I'd be interested in 1 or 3.

    PM me if you still have an open spot. :)