Need Partner for Harry Potter RP

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  1. I haven't figured out this coding stuff yet, so sadly this post will be quite ugly ehehe...

    I am looking for a partner for a Harry Potter themed RP, as you can see from the title.


    I get sick and swamped with responsibility a lot, and I know a lot of people prefer partners who can reply constantly and quickly.

    I really need somebody who is understanding and willing to work with me, and I really don't want to let anybody down so if you work better with speedy, adept partners then I'm more than likely not the person you should roleplay with >_<

    With that being said, here's the details of my Harry Potter craving:

    I always play a female so the pairings would be MxF or FxF.

    I'm thinking Post-Voldemort is a good place to start...

    I always have to have romance in my rps, but it's never the main focus when I'm doing a fantasy genre.

    I don't do canon characters unless they're "NPCs". I don't feel comfortable taking over another writer's character.

    I want this to be long term and detailed, so I'm definitely hoping we can take our time to plot things out and make this EPIC >:3

    Erm erm erm...I think that's all I have...

    I could be forgetting something...

    Just be sure to check my Roleplay Resume if you wanna know more about my style 8D

    Thanks in advance!

    and...uh...yeah that's it

    bai o.o
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.