need one more person for group fantasy rp~

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  1. Check out the mage clans rp, need like, around three peeps? i wanna start the rp already ^3^"""
    I'm just a co-mod tho'. Hopin' someone signs-up.
  2. ellow ^^ Can I ask what's the roleplay about? I like fantasy roleplays!
  3. Glad to hear that you like fantasy too. OwO
    it's a adventure type of fantasy where your character will be a mage. the mage rp is a sub-rp meaning it's like an rp within an rp which is forgotten eight. forgotten eight is also a fantasy rp, it has tribes in it that represent hybrids, alchemists and the like. Mages are one tribe in that rp. Miss Aurelia was just really eager enough to make a separate sub-rp for the mages
    Sounds complicated right? OwO"
    Buuuut the mage rp will have it's own missions given by rthe moderator, which is aurelia.
  4. Alright, thank you! I will think about it ^^
  5. No problem, miss CircettE~
  6. I hope there is still an opening! I'd love to join.
  7. of course, we're still accepting. The link's there but you can also find it in the fantasy sign ups section. last time i checked, our moderator still needs at least one tyarlae and one ilonrian
  8. here's the link again
  9. Made a character! :D
  10. Thank you, you two. :D now all we need is to wait for one more person so we can start
  11. I will be making mine in a short while! ^^
  12. mmk miss~
    to the last person who'd like to join, you can choose from any of the clans except Phiali because we already have two characters for that clan~
  13. Well now, to anyone else who might see this and would like to join, the IC thread is up for this roleplay. Sign-ups are still open.