Need of partner(s)

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Yeah. I need a partner because I'm overly bored with people taking days to reply to a thread, so if anyone is in need I'm here. I'll just list a few things I'm interested in and things I don't really like:

I like:
Romance is okay, but it's not required.
Post apocalyptic is fine.
Regular high school-ish ideas.

Don't really like:
overly mature things that I have to right like sex or whatever. I just feel overly uncomfortable.
Violence is okay, but not too much gore.
i don't exactly like Horror ideas.

If you have ideas feel free to ask, I'm a very open minded person. Thanks.
I wouldn't mind RPing with you. I'm kinda into Sci-fi stuff to, but I have an idea. Tell me yay or nay on it. I roleplay androids a lot, but i've never played an android who tries to go to school and try to act like a normal human. What do you think? That sound fun? I would be Roleplaying a girl android, but just let me know what you think. I can rp a male too. I'm flexible ^.^
I would be quite interested to Rp with you if you wouldn't mind taking on another partner? Obviously sci-fi isn't a problem for me, and I'm feeling that if there is romance to be had, I'd like it to be eventual. If it would be alright, I would like the two characters to be enemies forced into a situation where they have to work together. Cliche as it is, I craving it. Anyway, Just let me know if you would be interested.