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  1. The rp plot:

    Your in the Mafia and on your way to becoming the leader since your father has cancer and your next in line. You have three other brothers older then you but your father thinks your perfect to take over knowing you have a good head on your shoulders. There's only one problem, you don't want that to be your life. You didn't know how to tell your father no so you grant his wish.

    You meet a boy one day who wants a favor from you even though he was young you grant it. He never told you what he needed the money for but you didn't care. This was a business and you weren't trying to make it personal. So you sent him out to on the streets to sale your drugs. A couple of hours later the kid comes back but this time he is escorted by a woman (( My character)). She's upset and yelling at you about how your a monster and heartless for sending little kids out on the street to your dirty work. She gets escorted out as you curse her out in Italian.

    A couple of weeks later you see her again at a party your throwing at a club. You go to order drinks and she's standing next to you. You order another drink and give it to her.


    I like Drama, sex, and action. So if you can bring that then shot me an PM.

    I Like to go with the flow (( This is our rp together so don't be scared to make things happen and OCC))
  2. Hi, I am interested